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International Fertility Treatment Coordinator – Kim Trede

International Fertility Treatment Coordinator - Kim Trede

Kim Trede coordinates international fertility treatment

International Fertility Treatment Coordinator - Kim Trede

When men and women from around the world travel to our Las Vegas fertility center for care, Kim Trede, director of communications, guides them through the first steps of the treatment process. Kim manages scheduling of international fertility treatment, bringing global patients together with our world-renowned physicians through technology.

She takes the complexity out of international fertility treatment

Working with patients primarily through email, Kim collects as much information about each individual or couple as possible so that they and their physician can make the most of their remote consultations. She also works with the master calendars for our office and each of our physicians, scheduling appointments to take place using Skype video conferencing.

This advanced approach to international fertility treatment minimizes travel time and expense for patients, while providing access to the same level of personal, compassionate care that has made our Las Vegas fertility center a worldwide destination for fertility treatment.

Because her job involves juggling schedules across meridians and oceans, she has mastered the art of scheduling across time zones and keeping with international preferences.

“For example, when the patient is in France or Spain, they prefer late appointments, and noon here is 9 p.m. their time, so it works out perfectly,” she notes. “They can schedule their doctor appointments for when they are at home, and they don’t have to worry about fitting it into their workday.”

With carefully coordinated Skype appointments and electronic sharing of patient information, even complex international fertility treatment involving egg donation or surrogacy can be primarily conducted remotely. Each patient is assigned an international case manager who can speak their native language – English, Spanish, French or Chinese. All case managers have extensive experience with the fertility treatment process, and they are present to assist the patient during the initial consultation and on all follow-up Skype conversations.

A longtime member of the FCLV family

Kim also assists with payroll and employee benefits for the fertility center’s staff.

“What I love most about my job is that each day is different,” Kim says. “There’s a lot of variety in my day, and I really enjoy the people I work with. I really enjoy making a difference in people’s lives.”

Kim initially joined The Fertility Center of Las Vegas in 2000, working in medical records. Her husband’s job in another state took her away from Las Vegas for a few years, but when the family moved back in 2011, we eagerly welcomed her back in her current role.

Originally from Colorado, Kim and her husband of more than two decades have three children. Together, they enjoy cooking and travel – and not surprisingly, given her aptitude for scheduling, Kim’s the one who loves to plan their family vacations and outings.

To learn more about international fertility treatment, contact us to schedule a consultation. Kim, together with our entire team of experienced professionals, looks forward to assisting you.

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