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French Fertility Coordination: Romain Taillandier

Romain Taillandier

Romain Taillandier provides French fertility coordination for third-party IVF and reproduction

French Fertility Coordination: Egg Donation and SurrogacyWhen Romain Taillandier learned that our Las Vegas fertility center was seeking a French-speaking professional to coordinate international third-party reproduction, he was excited to apply. Bringing the perfect personality, skills and experience for the job, Romain was welcomed into our team this month as an IVF case manager, providing French fertility coordination services for egg donation and surrogacy in Las Vegas.

Romain moved to Las Vegas six years ago to have and raise his child. Surrogacy, known in France as “gestation pour autrui” (GPA), is not permitted in his home country, and as a gay man who wanted a biological connection to his baby, the United States was the best place to get the fertility treatment he needed. His son, Elliot, is now two years old and the light of his life.

“I want to help French people do the same process and have a family, and I know everything about that,” he says. “So when I saw that The Fertility Center of Las Vegas was looking for someone to take care of French IVF patients, I said, ‘It’s the perfect job for me!’”

A perfect fit for French fertility coordination in Las Vegas

French Fertility Coordination: Egg Donation and SurrogacyHaving gone through the process of finding an egg donor, choosing a surrogate and experiencing third-party IVF first-hand, Romain is a strong advocate for gay fertility treatment and parenting, as well as for all French couples and individuals who need third-party reproductive services to grow their families. His personal experience and compassion make him an ideal liaison for patients needing French fertility coordination in the United States.

Because Romain is well-known in France, he has become somewhat of an ambassador for French patients who need third-party reproduction to build their families.

Romain maintains a strong social media presence on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, sharing his family’s story through words and photographs. When French couples reach out to him to learn more about gay family building, he is always eager to help them find their way to egg donation, or “don d’ovules,” and surrogacy through our “centre de fertilité” in Las Vegas, where LGBTQ people are warmly welcomed.

Romain’s typical day starts with using Skype to meet with French couples and coordinate their treatment plan, working around different time zones. Sometimes, that means working on weekends, when French couples are often more available.

“I manage each person’s care with all of the people here who are taking care of the patient, from the doctors to the nurses to the laboratories and third-party agencies,” Romain explains. “I can also translate during appointments when patients don’t understand English.”

Before joining our fertility center to manage third-party IVF, Romain used his master’s degree in marketing and communications to start his own digital communications company and manage websites for clients. After Elliot was born, he took about a year off to just be a dad.

Family life in Las Vegas

Romain Taillandier“I love Las Vegas,” he says. “It’s so easy to have a family here. It’s calm, it’s quiet, and we have a house and backyard. My husband also works in the surrogacy field. We have a dog, and I love to go to the cinema. I’m a Netflix addict and like to play poker, although I play less often now that we have a child”

Apart from his job providing French fertility coordination and managing egg donor and surrogate IVF treatment, spending time with his husband and little boy is Romain’s greatest joy.

“For us, the IVF process was just wonderful,” he says. “We met with just one surrogate, or mére porteuse, and the first embryo transfer took. Elliot was born right on his due date, and everything was just perfect. My boy is perfect, too. My husband Junior and I are thinking of having another child, and might start the process again next year.”

To learn more about third party reproduction, including donor egg, donor sperm and surrogacy in Las Vegas, contact us to schedule a consultation. Romain, together with our entire team of experienced professionals, looks forward to assisting you.

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