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Why International Patients Come to FCLV

Discover why international patients come to FCLV to build their families

Discover why international patients come to FCLV to build their families

There are a variety of reasons why international patients come to FCLV. Because our Las Vegas fertility center offers an oasis of hope for women and men struggling to become pregnant, patients are willing to come from across the globe to receive our support. This support includes compassionate fertility care, experienced fertility specialists, and leading-edge assisted reproductive technology.

Our clinic also features a research center where fertility specialists help develop the latest, most effective practices in reproductive medicine.

Our clinic provides a range of fertility care services that support international patients

When international patients are seeking a fertility center, there are often specific services they require. Our Las Vegas fertility center understands the needs of these patients and provides a fertility care program that simplifies the path to parenthood.

High success rates and advanced treatments. Patients can take comfort in the high success rates our clinic achieves through effective treatments such as IVF, intrauterine insemination (IUI), preimplantation genetic testing (PGT), and other options tailored to a patient’s unique needs.

Third-party reproduction. For those who need them, we connect patients with highly qualified gestational surrogacy agencies or egg or sperm donor candidates. In addition to providing patients access to our egg donor database, we work with experienced, highly reputable agencies that provide surrogates and egg or sperm donors who undergo thorough testing.

Fluent case managers. A notable reason why international patients come to FCLV is that we have case managers fluent in English, Chinese, Spanish, German and French. This fluency makes it much easier for international patients to have a smooth experience when utilizing our fertility services.

Complimentary Long-distance assessment. Phone or online video consultations help patients get to know our clinic and decide if we’re the right fit, before they travel to Las Vegas. During this virtual consultation, we review the patient’s medical history, address their specific fertility concerns and goals, and provide an overview of how we can help.

In addition to these services, our clinic offers additional support to make the trip to Nevada as easy as possible.

Our global concierge services are one of the many reasons why international patients come to FCLV

International patients appreciate the complimentary concierge services we provide to help them receive world-class care and settle into Las Vegas. These concierge services include support for scheduling travel and fertility care appointments at our clinic, in addition to recommendations for dining, entertainment and more.

Our Las Vegas fertility center understands that working with a clinic in a foreign country can be stressful. We strive to significantly reduce that stress while helping patients build their families.

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