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Valentine’s Day and Infertility – Reignite the Spark

You can keep the spark alive with tips for handling Valentine’s Day and infertility

You can keep the spark alive with tips for handling Valentine’s Day and infertility

There’s nothing romantic about fertility treatments. In fact, talking about topics like timed intercourse and in vitro fertilization (IVF) can kill the mood. The idea of making a baby goes from something that fills you with excitement to a tiresome chore. However, romance doesn’t have to die when you’re struggling to conceive. Explore these tips from our Las Vegas fertility center about handling Valentine’s Day and infertility.

Our Valentine’s Day and infertility tips for couples

While it’s good to be goal-oriented about family-building, it shouldn’t come at the expense of your relationship with your partner. Many couples become so fixated on becoming parents that they forget to take time for each other. Your relationship matters though. Not only does your partner help you through the stress of infertility. He or she will also be the person who you will raise your future child with.

These tips for managing Valentine’s Day and infertility can help you stay connected to your partner and the future parent of your child.

  • Take time to talk. Infertility can feel isolating, and you may not want to talk about it with just anyone. However, you and your partner are in this together, so you should openly share your thoughts and feelings about it.
  • Make date night a priority. Reconnecting with your partner during times of stress is key. No matter where you are on your fertility journey, be sure to make time for fun and relaxation with your partner.
  • Have a “fertility-free” day. Although it is important to keep communication open, it can be helpful to schedule a day every week to not talk about fertility topics. Many couples find this break to be refreshing.

Sometimes, couples need to talk to a counselor about infertility. Our Las Vegas fertility center can provide recommendations for professionals who specialize in individual and couples therapy.

You and your partner are on this fertility journey together

Of all the tips for managing Valentine’s Day and infertility, the most important is remembering why you fell in love with your partner. These qualities are what drew you to them and are often what will make them a great parent when you welcome a baby. Remembering what you love about your partner can help bring you closer together.

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