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Know the Signs of Infertility

Our docs explain what to look for when it comes to signs of infertility

Our docs explain what to look for when it comes to signs of infertility

Did you know that most patients who visit The Fertility Center of Las Vegas had no idea that infertility was an issue for them until they tried to conceive? Many people don’t realize there’s a problem until they see one negative pregnancy test after another. It’s often because people don’t know the common signs of infertility in women and men.

Our Las Vegas fertility specialists want to shed some light on this topic to help hopeful parents with identifying infertility. Keep reading to find out what could be a sign of fertility issues.

Exploring the common causes of infertility in women and men

While only a fertility doctor can make an official diagnosis, there are some signs of infertility that people should know when they’re thinking about TTC.

Signs of female fertility issues

  • Irregular periods, including going several months without a period or not having one at all, can be a sign of a problem with ovulation like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).
  • Painful or heavy periods that interfere with daily life could be a sign that a woman has a fertility issue called endometriosis.
  • Certain problems that seem unrelated to fertility can suggest hormonal issues that could make it more difficult for a woman to conceive. Acne, a low sex drive, excessive facial or body hair, thinning hair and unexplained weight gain are some examples.
  • Experiencing pain during sex may suggest that a woman has endometriosis or a hormonal imbalance.

Signs of male fertility issues

  • Experiencing a lower sex drive than usual may indicate that a man is facing hormonal changes that could be one of the signs of infertility.
  • Trouble getting or maintaining an erection as well as difficulty ejaculating are also clues when it comes to identifying infertility.
  • Testicular pain or swelling as well as small, firm testicles are issues that can affect a man’s sperm production. As a result, the man should visit a urologist for an evaluation.

Our team can help with identifying infertility and providing treatment

If you or your partner have any signs of infertility, we recommend making an appointment with one of our Las Vegas fertility specialists. Each of the doctors at our clinic understands the different infertility causes and can help you get an accurate diagnosis.

Once you know what’s making it difficult for you to conceive and carry a baby, you’ll work with your doctor to develop a customized treatment plan. Your plan will take into account your unique family-building needs, goals and budget.

No two fertility treatment plans are exactly the same. Your doctor could recommend anything from oral fertility medications and IUI to IVF with genetic testing. Our goal is to help you bring home a healthy baby in a way that works for you and your family.

If you’d like to start exploring fertility care, contact us to schedule an appointment and get on the path to parenthood.

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