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Dr. Bedient and Team Earn PCRS Private Practice Research Award

We received the PCRS Private Practice Research Award

Each Las Vegas Fertility doctor at our clinic focuses on helping patients become parents. While a big part of this work involves treating their own patients, they also believe it’s important to help other patients from around the United States and the world. Performing innovative fertility research allows them to change the practice of reproductive medicine for the better. Carrie Bedient MD recently received the PCRS Private Practice Research Award for research that she and the rest of the FCLV team completed.

The fertility research focused on ovarian follicle size and success rates

So many different things can affect the success of an IVF cycle, and our team at FCLV is always trying to learn more about what they are. Our fertility research that won the PCRS Private Practice Research Award focused on whether ovarian follicle size influences pregnancy success rates.

Ovarian follicles contain the eggs, so our team wanted to see if their size could predict whether a patient was more likely to conceive using IVF. The study involved 235 thawed embryo transfers and about 60% of them involved preimplantation genetic testing (PGT). The results showed that, regardless of the use of PGT, there was no significant correlation between follicle size and ongoing pregnancy rates.

This is the largest study of its kind to date, and the results can provide helpful insight to physicians who are stimulating a patient’s ovaries for an IVF cycle.

Receiving the PCRS Private Practice Research Award is a big honor

The PCRS Private Practice Research Award recognizes outstanding research by a practicing physician who devotes at least half of their time to private practice. Dr. Bedient is the recipient, but every doctor and team member at FCLV helped make the research possible.

“It’s an honor to be recognized for this research because my team and I believe that it helps improve our understanding of ovarian stimulation and IVF outcomes,” Dr. Bedient says. “Speaking of my team, I couldn’t have done this fertility research without Drs. Shapiro and Kaye, Forest Garner and the rest of the FCLV team members as well as the OB/GYN residents in our research program. I’d also like to thank Dr. Kajal Verma of the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine for her support at the 2022 PCRS meeting.”

The FCLV team has a long history of winning this award

Our clinic’s history of winning the PCRS Private Practice Research Award illustrates our team’s commitment to excellence in fertility research. A doctor from FCLV has won five times over the last 15 years and seven times over the last 25. Each year, PCRS receives at least 100 abstracts, which makes these wins even more impressive.

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