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Where to Find Infertility Support Groups

Infertility support groups and counselors can help you on your journey to conceive

Infertility support groups and counselors can help you on your journey to conceive

Our Las Vegas infertility specialists focus primarily on treating the physical causes of infertility. However, they know that patients who are trying to conceive can also struggle emotionally. Too many people feel that they have to suffer in silence, so we’re raising awareness about infertility support groups and counselors.

What are infertility support groups and where can you find them?

Infertility affects millions of men and women, and many of them attend infertility support groups. You can find these meetings both online and in person within your local community. When you attend a support group, you’ll meet people who are also facing infertility.

Each person in the group will have the opportunity to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences. It can be very validating and encouraging to know you aren’t alone. You can also learn from the women and men at meetings. After all, there’s a lot to learn about infertility and the experiences of others can be a great teacher.

If you’re wondering where to find an infertility support group near you, you can visit RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association.

When should you consider visiting a counselor for support?

While infertility support groups can be very helpful, you may need additional support. If you’re feeling anxious, depressed or stuck, our Las Vegas infertility specialists recommend visiting a counselor with experience helping people with infertility.

There are counselors who are psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and therapists who can help you. During your sessions, you’ll talk about your thoughts and feelings. Your counselor will then work with you to develop new ways of thinking and coping with the stress you’re feeling.

Our team can provide recommendations for local counselors who specialize in helping fertility patients. You can also visit from ASRM to find a healthcare professional near you.

Everyone at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas is committed to helping patients on their journey to parenthood by providing effective fertility treatments and access to resources for psychological support. Contact us to learn more.

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