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ABCs of Fertility Treatment – What You Need to Know

The FCLV team walks you through the ABCs of fertility treatment

The FCLV team walks you through the ABCs of fertility treatment

When you first start fertility treatment, you might be overwhelmed by all the acronyms. What’s the difference between IUI and IVF and do you need PGT? It might seem like a lot of letters, but our Las Vegas fertility doctors can help you understand the ABCs of fertility treatment.

A look at the most common fertility treatment acronyms

When you’re navigating the ABCs of fertility treatment, you may not know where to start. Our Las Vegas fertility doctors have created a list of the fertility treatment acronyms that you’re most likely to encounter during your journey with The Fertility Center of Las Vegas (FCLV).

  • IUI means intrauterine insemination. This fertility treatment involves using a catheter to insert washed and prepared sperm into the hopeful mother’s uterus. The sperm can come from the woman’s male partner or a sperm donor.
  • IVF stands for in vitro fertilization, which is a highly effective treatment option. It involves multiple steps, including ovarian stimulation with medications, outpatient egg retrieval, fertilization in the laboratory and embryo transfer.
  • PGT is short for preimplantation genetic testing. Between the IVF steps of fertilization and embryo transfer, a laboratory can perform genetic testing on the embryos. The testing can identify whether they have genetic abnormalities or specific genetic illnesses.
  • ICSI means intracytoplasmic sperm injection. This is a treatment for male factor infertility. During IVF, an embryologist will inject a single sperm into each egg to help promote fertilization.

Exploring some fertility diagnosis acronyms

You may also hear certain acronyms that relate to an infertility diagnosis. PCOS and RPL are among the most common ones that you’ll hear.

  • PCOS is a common cause of female infertility called polycystic ovary syndrome. It causes a woman’s body to not ovulate regularly, which can make it difficult to conceive. The condition also produces other symptoms, including irregular periods, cysts on the ovaries, high levels of male hormones (androgens), acne, weight gain and excessive hair growth.
  • RPL stands for recurrent pregnancy loss. This condition occurs when a woman miscarries two or more times before week 28 of pregnancy. Many factors can cause RPL, including genetic issues related to the embryo, an abnormally shaped uterus, immune issues and hormonal problems. Our Las Vegas fertility doctors can design an effective treatment plan to address RPL once they diagnose the cause.

Rely on FCLV for the ABCs of fertility treatment

Our Las Vegas fertility doctors want you to understand your diagnosis and treatment plan. After all, an informed patient is an empowered patient. Contact us if you would like to schedule an appointment or learn more about the ABCs of fertility treatment.

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