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The Benefits of Las Vegas Surrogacy

by |  January 15th, 2019

The perks of Las Vegas surrogacy

Las Vegas surrogacy is thriving, and it’s no wonder. Hopeful parents can find special cash discounts, as well as complimentary accommodations and meals at many hospitals. In addition to these generous benefits, our Las Vegas fertility center takes pride in enhancing the experience of hopeful parents utilizing a surrogate by providing state-of-the-art care.

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Spain Offers Maternity Leave after Surrogacy Process

by |  December 6th, 2016

Many people come to the United States from abroad for fertility treatments. Some countries do not allow certain treatments, like the surrogacy process, while others can’t offer the same advanced reproductive technology America does. Read about a new law Spain passed that recognizes the right to maternity leave for parents who used surrogacy, and find out how to start your trip to the US.

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Kim Kardashian Explores Surrogacy Options

by |  December 2nd, 2016

Often, women receive a diagnosis that affects their ability to conceive a child on their own. Many women, like reality star Kim Kardashian, begin to research options that will allow them to start or continue their family, without risking a complicated pregnancy. See why Kim Kardashian, and other celebrities like her, are exploring surrogacy options.

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Celebrity Moms over 40

by |  August 24th, 2016

Many people all over the world suffer from infertility—even celebrities. The cause of this infertility can range from age, cancer treatment, or other common fertility issues. But, with hope, faith, and help from your fertility specialist, starting a family can be possible. Discover how these celebrities over 40 received help to start their family from fertility treatments.

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How to Support Your Gestational Surrogate

by |  August 20th, 2016

Here at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, we help many of our patients start their family through gestational surrogacy. With surrogacy, the intended parents receive help from a woman who will carry the baby through a healthy pregnancy for them. The surrogacy process can be an emotional, stressful, and sometimes difficult process not only for the intended parents,

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What to Expect When Becoming a Surrogate

by |  June 15th, 2016

The Fertility Center of Las Vegas is a leader in all things reproductive medicine. We are passionate about helping you start your family through our many procedures, including surrogacy. Here’s insight from a former gestational carrier on what becoming a surrogate is like. She uncovers the best parts of the process, along with some things you should consider before making the decision.

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Parental Leave Policies are Changing in the US

by |  May 23rd, 2016

In the United States, there is an inconsistent treatment of maternity and paternity leave after a person brings in a new member into their family. Whether through natural birth, or through fertility treatments, there has been discussion on how much time off families should be awarded.
For the most of history, it has mainly been women who are allowed leave from their job after giving birth to a child,

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