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Many people all over the world suffer from infertility—even celebrities. The cause of this infertility can range from age, cancer treatment, or other common fertility issues. But, with hope, faith, and help from your fertility specialist, starting a family can be possible. Discover how these celebrities over 40 received help to start their family from fertility treatments.

Female Celebrities Who’ve Dealt with Infertility

Help through In vitro Fertilization

In vitro fertilization is a fertility treatment in which an egg is fertilized in the lab of your fertility clinic, and then implanted in the patient’s uterus to continue a healthy pregnancy. Many female celebrities have tried this treatment process to help start their families.

celebrity moms who've completed fertility treatmentsCeline Dion, famous singer/ songwriter, underwent six failed attempts at in vitro fertilization. After diligent faith and optimism, she finally got pregnant in 2000 with her first son. She tried again 10 years later and had twins through a successful IVF treatment.

Mariah Carey, singer, musician and record producer, previously suffered a miscarriage. She didn’t let that stop her from starting her family, though. She underwent IVF treatments to get pregnant. In 2011, she found success and birthed her twins with Nick Cannon, actor and rapper.

Assistance from a Gestational Surrogate

Another popular method to starting a family is through a gestational surrogate. Through surrogacy, a healthy woman carries and delivers a baby for the intended parents, who may not be able to complete a healthy pregnancy on her own.

Nicole Kidman, actor and film producer, had in vitro fertilization treatment in 2008 and birthed her first child. However, she decided to use surrogacy for the birth of her second child.

Giuliana Rancic, television producer and journalist, struggled with infertility after her cancer diagnosis. Certain cancer treatments can negatively affect a woman’s ability to carry a baby on her own. So, instead of feeling defeated, Giuliana looked to a gestational surrogate for help and welcomed her baby into the world in 2012.

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