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The Benefits of Las Vegas Surrogacy

The perks of Las Vegas surrogacy - Discover why Las Vegas surrogacy is so popular

The perks of Las Vegas surrogacy

Las Vegas surrogacy is thriving, and it’s no wonder. Hopeful parents can find special cash discounts, as well as complimentary accommodations and meals at many hospitals. In addition to these generous benefits, our Las Vegas fertility center takes pride in enhancing the experience of hopeful parents utilizing a surrogate by providing state-of-the-art care.

Discover why Las Vegas surrogacy is so popular

The numerous perks for gestational surrogates and hopeful parents has made Las Vegas surrogacy a popular path to parenthood.

  • Hospitals offering cash discounts. Thoughtful hospitals in Las Vegas are simplifying the experience of having a baby through third party reproduction by providing discounts for those who pay for the delivery and medical care of their gestational surrogate and newborn baby with cash. This discount is especially beneficial for international hopeful parents who often face significant challenges when trying to obtain insurance in the United States. In some cases, a vaginal delivery may only be $2,000, while many of the cash discounts provided are as significant as 80-90% off.
  • Hassel-free accommodations and meals. Adding to the advantages of Las Vegas surrogacy are the complimentary room, adjacent to the surrogate and baby, and three meals a day that some hospitals are offering to hopeful parents paying in cash. The ease of being close to their baby facilitates bonding between the child and parents.
  • Favorable laws. Nevada is one of the rare states that permit gestational surrogacy agreements, which means that women who do not share DNA with the child can legally carry the pregnancy. In addition, Nevada law allows hopeful parents to be listed on the baby’s birth certificate, no matter than marital status or sexual orientation of the parents.
  • Leading-edge fertility specialists. Las Vegas surrogacy is enhanced by the specialists at our Las Vegas fertility center who contribute to world-renowned research, produce extremely high success rates and have decades of experience caring for hopeful parents.

It is our great honor to provide fertility services in such a surrogate-friendly area.

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