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How to Support Your Gestational Surrogate

Here at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, we help many of our patients start their family through gestational surrogacy. With surrogacy, the intended parents receive help from a woman who will carry the baby through a healthy pregnancy for them. The surrogacy process can be an emotional, stressful, and sometimes difficult process not only for the intended parents, but for the surrogate as well. Below are some tips for how you can better support your surrogate throughout the journey.

How to Best Support Your Gestational Surrogate

Communication is Key

First and foremost, a surrogacy relationship should start with proper communication. Both the intended parents and the surrogate should sit down to discuss how they will communicate throughout the process. If you are strangers to each other at the beginning of the journey, you can’t expect the other to know what you want and need from the relationship. Ask your surrogate what she needs to feel comfortable during the pregnancy. Some surrogate or intended parents may want to share every little detail with each other while others may want a little more privacy. It’s best for you find out what type of openness you and your surrogate wants before you start the process with your reproductive specialist.

how to support your gestational surrogateGive her the privacy she desires and communicate about how much you want to be involved in the pregnancy. Ask her if it’s okay to accompany her to doctor’s appointments. Communication like this will create peace and understanding throughout your journey together.

Respect Her

Next, it’s best to treat your gestational surrogate with respect. She is providing an amazing service for your family. It’s easy to want to take control over the situation because it is your baby she’s carrying. But,
remember she is human, too. She should not be seen as an employee who “works” for you. Her body is going through the motions of pregnancy for you, so be mindful to respect her wishes and not seem too overbearing with your needs.

If she gives special requests about visits to the fertility doctor or anything else, try your best to accommodate her. Just as she is doing something for you, it may be nice to do something for her every now and then. Depending on your comfort level, your surrogate could be considered your family or a friend if you create that relationship with her.

Show Your Appreciation

Showing your thanks may be one of the best things you can do during the surrogacy process. Giving simple gifts like a basket full of relaxing bath products, or maybe even some comfy PJs, will be sure to make her smile. Or, if you’re short on ideas or cash, a sweet hand-written note is perfect for showing thanks to her. Sometimes, it is the smallest gestures that can make the biggest difference.

The Fertility Center of Las Vegas Can Help You with the Surrogacy Process

The Fertility Center of Las Vegas is passionate about helping you find the possible cause of your infertility, in addition to finding the best treatment for it. Our fertility clinics have the resources you need to find a gestational surrogate and start your family. Contact our reproductive specialist to see how surrogacy can help you and your family today.

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