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Parental Leave Policies are Changing in the US

In the United States, there is an inconsistent treatment of maternity and paternity leave after a person brings in a new member into their family. Whether through natural birth, or through fertility treatments, there has been discussion on how much time off families should be awarded.
For the most of history, it has mainly been women who are allowed leave from their job after giving birth to a child, and it’s been less likely that a man is given the time off.

Taking time Off After Successful Fertility Treatments

fertility treatments and working momsThe Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) originally enacted in 1993, allows qualified employees up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave. This act covers not only pregnancy and birth but other medical issues that a family member may need care for.

So, sometimes it is an inconsistent law when it comes to families who bring in a new family member through unconventional means, like adoption or surrogacy. FMLA only covers the minimum rights that a person in the United States has when it comes to family leave, which is unpaid. Naturally, companies around the nation come up with their own policies that may offer paid leave for their employees, but this results in a really unpredictable benefit system for our new parents.

Improved Policies on Parental Leave

Ernst & Young is a company that is trying to improve the parental leave benefit system for its employees, both male and female. They offer tax, assurance and advisory services around the world, including an office in Las Vegas. They recently changed their parental leave policy for their employees. Now, both men and women are allowed up to 16 weeks of fully-paid leave. This changed from their previous 12 weeks for women, and only 6 weeks for men. This policy not only covers biological births, but also supports those who participate in adoption, surrogacy, foster care, and legal guardianship.

This proactive company created their new policy after conducting research on company culture around the world. They found countries that offered better leave for fathers had more women in leadership positions. They also discovered that millennials are willing to relocate to another country if a company’s paid benefits are better there.

The definition of a family is ever-changing in the United States. Gay marriage is now legal across the nation, and these couples have access to even better fertility treatments to start a family. Also, more people are becoming “solo starters,” or people who start a family without a partner. Ernst & Young is an example of a company that is evolving along with the country and improving its benefits for the varying family types.

Stay in the know about the parental leave benefits your company offers, so you know what to expect when you’re expecting! Here at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, we want to help you start your family, whoever you are. Call us at (702) 254- 1777 or visit our website to get started on your fertility treatments today.

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