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Anne Hathaway and Infertility – Shedding a Light on Fertility Issues

by |  August 9th, 2019

Anne Hathaway and infertility – It can happen to anyone

Google Searches for “Anne Hathaway and infertility” have recently skyrocketed. The actress recently announced that she is pregnant with her second child. However, she also included an important message in her Instagram post. She wrote, “For everyone going through infertility and conception hell, please know it was not a straight line to either of my pregnancies.

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Meet a Valued Member of Our Patients Services Team

by |  July 23rd, 2019

Yanisel Cota-Cabrera is proud to provide patient concierge services

As a member of our friendly and compassionate patient concierge services team, Yanisel Meza assists patients with new patients scheduling their first appoinement with The Fertility Center.  She also performs other tasks that help the infertility work-up and treatment cycle process move forward with maximum ease.

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Tips for Summer Travel and Fertility Treatment

by |  July 16th, 2019

Handy tips to streamline summer travel and fertility treatment

Do your summer plans include travel? If so, you might be wondering how to balance summer travel and fertility treatment. Whether you want to travel near or far, you don’t necessarily have to put your travel plans on hold when you’re undergoing fertility treatment. Our Las Vegas fertility doctors have some travel tips for our fertility patients.

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Meet our Nursing Department Supervisor

by |  July 9th, 2019

Jaime Principe ensures our nursing department provides the best possible care

During your time at our Las Vegas fertility center, you’re almost guaranteed to receive support from Jaime Principe. As nursing department supervisor, she does everything from managing and organizing workflow in the nursing department to overseeing patient care.

Jaime received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1999 from the University of Nevada,

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Debbie Rivera Welcomes Patients to Fertility Care

by |  June 25th, 2019

Helping new patients get started with fertility care

Debbie Rivera is a trained medical assistant and former IVF coordinator who has been working in fertility care since 2004. Her empathetic nature and extensive experience make her the ideal person to welcome new and returning patients to the Fertility Center of Las Vegas.

As a new patient concierge,

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New Nevada Surrogacy Law Prevents Insurance Discrimination

by |  June 18th, 2019

An exciting update on Nevada surrogacy law

The Las Vegas surrogacy experts at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas (FCLV) have big news. Nevada just became the first state in the country to pass a law that prevents insurance companies from discriminating against women who act as gestational carriers (surrogates). This new Nevada surrogacy law will make a world of difference for hopeful parents.

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Tips for Coping with Father’s Day and Infertility

by |  June 11th, 2019

Father’s Day and infertility can be painful for many hopeful fathers

The Fertility Center of Las Vegas team knows that Father’s Day can be a difficult day for men who long for fatherhood. Our Las Vegas fertility center provides an Oasis of Hope for men and women who are facing infertility. Part of providing this oasis means offering tips to help you cope with Father’s Day and infertility.

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Mother’s Day and Infertility

by |  May 7th, 2019

FCLV provides tips and support to cope with Mother’s Day and infertility

It’s almost Mother’s Day and infertility can make this day difficult for many hopeful parents. After negative pregnancy tests and years of trying, this day can feel like a sad a reminder of your fertility struggles. However, you aren’t alone. Many women and men face infertility and our Las Vegas fertility center is here with help and support.

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Dr. Shapiro at Best of ESHRE and ASRM

by |  April 30th, 2019

A look at Dr. Shapiro’s presentation at Best of ESHRE and ASRM

Bruce Shapiro MD is world-renowned for his expertise in the field of reproductive medicine. Our Las Vegas fertility doctor recently had the great honor of speaking at Best of ESHRE and ASRM in New York City. During his talk, Dr. Shapiro discussed frozen embryo transfer and how freeze only cycles improve IVF success rates.

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