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Getting Your Home Ready After Successful Fertility Treatments

Having a baby is one of the most exciting events a person can go through in their life, especially for individuals and couples who’ve completed countless fertility treatments. While you may be jumping out of your skin thinking about holding, cuddling and caring for your newborn, you should use this time before the baby is born to get your home ready for his or her arrival.

You’ve just had successful fertility treatments. Now what?

At The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, we offer countless fertility treatments to help you start your family. Many of our patients find success through in vitro fertilization, an egg donor and/or surrogacy. Once you are successful and you get the good news that you’re pregnant, you should read these tips on baby-proofing and decorating your home.

Baby-Proofing Your Home

It’s important to create a safe environment for your newborn baby. You’ve gone through all those fertility treatments to create this beautiful miracle, and now you have to keep your baby safe from harm in the outside world. Some people wait until their baby is crawling to begin baby-proofing, but you should be proactive and handle it now while you have fresh energy and motivation. Here are some of the most important things you need to know about how to baby-proof your home.

Making Your Kitchen Safer

The kitchen can sometimes be the most dangerous room in the house for a baby. Be sure to move all cleaning products and possibly poisonous chemicals into locked cabinets, or use the baby-proof latches to keep them closed. Also, be sure to keep your knives locked away or kept high and out of your baby’s reach.

Keeping Away from Electricity

Electricity is another danger that you should protect your child from. If you have any low-hanging cords around your home, conceal them so they are out of your baby’s reach. You wouldn’t want your little one to grab on the cord, possibly causing a lamp or computer to crash down on top of them. Also, use the safety plugs to cover all of your unused outlets. This will avoid baby toys or fingers being stuck in the slots.

Finding a Safe Crib

The next thing that is important when baby-proofing your home is to find the right crib. There are many qualifications of a good crib, but one of the main things to look for is the ability for the mattress level to be adjusted. When your child grows and begins to lift him or herself to a standing position, you want to be able to adjust the mattress to the lowest level. At this stage, you should also remove all objects from the crib that could possible strangle your child or help him or her climb out of the crib. This includes mobiles, toys and crib bumpers.

The Best Trends in Baby Decor

Once you baby-proof the house, it’s time for the fun stuff: decorating the nursery! 2016 has already introduced some unique and fun ideas for baby nursery decor. Read on to find out which trends will work for you and your little one.

Pastel All Overfertility treatments result in a new baby

Soft colors are always popular when it comes to nurseries. They’re easy on the eyes and go well with the calming feel of a sweet baby nursery. Rose gold is a popular color that’s being introduced more and more into nurseries this year. Find patterns and shapes that work well with you and your baby’s favorite pastel shade.

Natural and Rustic Feel

Another trend that’s becoming more popular incorporates all things natural into the nursery. Rustic wood accessories add a serene woodsy feel to the room. And with this theme, it’s only natural to add different types of animals for accents. Try a cute stuffed fox for cuddling or a deer-shaped bookend on your shelf!

Look to the Skies

Incorporating the sky into your new baby’s nursery is also a fun decor idea. Many cute rooms decorate with cloud shapes hanging from the ceiling, or even painted on the wall. Or, if you and your baby prefer nighttime over daytime, try to create a space-themed room. Galaxy nurseries are fun and they encourage sound sleep under the stars and navy blue decorations.

The Fertility Center Can Help Start Your Family

If you’re looking to start your family with fertility treatments soon, you should see one of our specialists here at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas. We provide all the services you’ll need to start your family like in vitro fertilization, surrogacy, egg donation and more. With help from us, you’ll be ready to baby-proof and decorate your home before you know it. Get started with a free consultation today.

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