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Parental Leave Policies are Changing in the US

by |  May 23rd, 2016

In the United States, there is an inconsistent treatment of maternity and paternity leave after a person brings in a new member into their family. Whether through natural birth, or through fertility treatments, there has been discussion on how much time off families should be awarded.
For the most of history, it has mainly been women who are allowed leave from their job after giving birth to a child,

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New Procedure Gives Hope to Maintaining Fertility After Cancer Treatments

by |  April 7th, 2016

Men and women who undergo cancer treatments, or who have undergone cancer treatments for most of their lives, face the reality that infertility may occur. Chemotherapy and (depending on the location and proximity to the reproductive organs) radiation therapy can have negative effects on a person’s fertility. There are some ways to help prevent the risks of infertility like lead blankets during radiation and egg and sperm freezing procedures done before treatments begin.

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