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FCLV Fertility Research Abstract Presented at ESHRE

We’re excited that ESHRE has accepted an FCLV fertility research abstract

We’re excited that ESHRE has accepted an FCLV fertility research abstract

The FCLV team is always leading the way with innovative fertility research. From being among the first to advocate for single embryo transfers to exploring the relationship between follicle size (the size of the fluid-filled sac that contains an egg) and pregnancy rates, our Las Vegas fertility specialists have a passion for research. That’s why we are thrilled that ESHRE has accepted a recent FCLV fertility research abstract for poster presentation.

What question did this research answer?

Blastocyst morphometry and morphology predict ploidy is the name of the fertility research abstract that ESHRE has accepted for 2022. For this research, Drs. Shapiro, Bedient and Kaye along with Forest Garner looked at more than 1,400 IVF embryos that underwent genetic testing over a 30-month period.

The goal was to determine whether objective measurements (morphometry) or subjective assessments (looking at an embryo’s appearance) were better at predicting whether a blastocyst (a Day 5 or Day 6 embryo) is aneuploid (chromosomally abnormal).

Going into the study, our Las Vegas fertility specialists knew that looking at the morphology (appearance) of a blastocyst was good at predicting whether an embryo was abnormal. However, they also knew that objective measurements make it easier to use artificial intelligence (AI), which is becoming more common in the IVF lab.

The results showed that grading an embryo by looking at its appearance was just as effective as objectively measuring morphometry in determining whether an embryo was abnormal.

Why is getting a fertility research abstract accepted at ESHRE big news?

ESHRE, or the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, has an annual meeting every summer. It’s a time for the brightest fertility doctors and researchers to meet and share their research and best practices.

Each year, a minority of the submitted fertility research abstracts are accepted for presentation by ESHRE. Having research from our Las Vegas fertility specialist be among the accepted abstracts is a great honor. It also highlights how committed our team is to doing research that improves fertility care for all.

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