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Get Answers to Your Egg Freezing Questions

Get answers to your egg freezing questions before you take the next step

Get answers to your egg freezing questions before you take the next step

Egg freezing is a big step, so you want to make sure you have all the information you need to decide whether it’s right for you. Our Las Vegas egg freezing specialists help women who are considering fertility preservation every day. Over the years, we’ve seen the same egg freezing questions pop up again and again, so we’re taking some time to answer them here.

The answers to the five most common egg freezing questions

You can feel free to ask our Las Vegas egg freezing experts any question because we’ve heard it all. We’ll never make you feel like a question is embarrassing or silly because we know many people want to know the same thing.

While you put together a list of your specific questions, here are some answers to the top five egg freezing questions we hear at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas.

  1. When is the best time to freeze your eggs? Ideally, it’s smart to freeze your eggs now if you want to wait until your mid-30s to early-40s to be a mother. Female fertility declines with age, so most women should freeze eggs in their 20s or early-30s. However, every woman is unique, so fertility testing can provide specific guidance for your situation.
  2. What does egg freezing involve? It involves a few steps. First, you’ll give yourself injectable fertility medications to encourage your body to mature multiple eggs. When your eggs are mature, you’ll have an outpatient egg retrieval procedure. Then, an embryologist will freeze your eggs in the IVF lab.
  3. What happens when I want to have a baby with my frozen eggs? An embryologist will thaw your eggs before fertilizing them with sperm from your partner or chosen sperm donor. Then, your doctor will transfer one of the resulting embryos into your uterus.
  4. How long can you store frozen eggs? You can store your eggs indefinitely because there’s no evidence that the quality of frozen eggs decreases over time.
  5. Who should freeze their eggs? Any woman who knows she wants to postpone motherhood should consider egg freezing. Some women do it because they want to focus on their professional, personal and educational goals before having a baby. Others do it before undergoing treatments like chemotherapy or radiation, which can potentially damage fertility.

We can help you start the journey to freeze your eggs

If you’re thinking that egg freezing could be a good fit for you and your life, our Las Vegas egg freezing specialists can help you get started. We offer convenient appointments throughout the week to help you learn more about egg freezing and how to take the next step. Contact us today if you’d like to schedule an appointment and get answers to more of your egg freezing questions.

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