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Dr. Bedient Spoke With Representative Susie Lee

Meeting with Representative Susie Lee to help improve the lives of fertility patients

Meeting with Representative Susie Lee to help improve the lives of fertility patients

The Fertility Center of Las Vegas team works hard to support fertility patients both inside and outside of our clinic. As a part of this effort, our Las Vegas fertility doctors speak with lawmakers about important issues affecting women’s and reproductive healthcare. Recently, Carrie Bedient MD was part of a group that met with Representative Susie Lee. Read on to learn more about the important issues they discussed.

A look at what the experts discussed with Representative Susie Lee

Dr. Bedient and other healthcare professionals met with Representative Susie Lee for a panel on current issues in women’s healthcare. There were physicians representing gynecology, obstetrics, fertility, medical oncology, psychiatry and pediatrics. Together with the panel, Dr. Bedient discussed several important issues and topics.

  • Insurance coverage for fertility treatment
  • The need for additional postpartum support and maternity leave
  • Help and support for pregnant women
  • The effect of medication expenses
  • The lack of mental health services available in Nevada
  • A woman’s right to choose how she manages her pregnancy

The current abortion law in Texas came up as a part of the discussion. The experts explained how restrictive it is for women, especially women who cannot afford to travel to another state to get their desired healthcare.

Discussing how a hot topic relates to infertility

As one of our Las Vegas fertility doctors, Dr. Bedient brought up important points about how the restrictive Texas law affects fertility patients.

According to Dr. Bedient, “Termination of pregnancy rights affects fertility patients because embryos very much get wrapped up into this discussion. We don’t want a patient to be forced to donate an embryo to another couple if she doesn’t want to, due to abortion restrictions and personhood laws. Additionally, someone should not be forced to transfer an embryo that’s abnormal if these laws make it illegal to discard an embryo.”

Making their voices heard during meetings like this one with Representative Susie Lee is just one of the ways that our Las Vegas fertility doctors stand up for patients like you. If you would like to make an appointment with specialists who are champions of your reproductive health, please contact us.

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