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IVF Coordinator Christie Dabney

Christie Dabney - IVF Coordinator

IVF coordinator Christie Dabney has a passion for patient care

If you come to us for IVF in Las Vegas, there’s a good chance that one of the first people you’ll get to know is Christie Dabney. She’s the IVF coordinator who helps guide many of our Las Vegas patients through the IVF process, answering questions and consulting with patients about everything from frozen embryo transfer to egg retrieval. She also makes IVF treatment schedules, orders medications and is the patient’s primary point of contact throughout the cycle.

For Christie, assisting patients through every step of their fertility care is not just a job – it’s her passion.

“I treat our patients as if they were a friend or family member,” she says. “Many people going through IVF don’t have anyone they can talk to about it, so I’m here to listen. I want people to feel like they are getting the attention that they need.”

Life as an IVF coordinator

Although Christie coordinates IVF in Las Vegas for about 40 patients at a time, every man, woman or couple she works with gets her “high-TLC” approach. She remembers not just their names, but their voices and their histories. Her bubbly personality and relaxed pace put people at ease. Often, patients find themselves sharing their personal stories and joking around during their visits to Christie’s office.

“I love my job because it’s not just about checking vitals or doing blood pressure – it gives me a chance to do a lot of hands-on counseling,” she says. “I get to talk to patients about how they are feeling and help ease their emotions.”

She’s here to help during normal business hours, but Christie also gives patients her cell phone number so they can text or call anytime they have questions or concerns – even if it’s a weekend or the middle of the night.

“My job as an IVF coordinator is not something I only do from 8 to 5,” she says. “It’s a passion for people and for the fertility field. When someone has questions about an injection, but our office is closed, I want them to feel comfortable enough to call me. I also do a lot of follow-up calls, just to check in and make sure that they are OK.”

Christie, who is a certified medical assistant, started her healthcare career with an interest in oncology, but quickly found her calling in fertility care at her first job in Beverly Hills, California, in 2002. By the time she moved to Las Vegas in 2012 and joined our team, she had a decade of hands-on experience guiding patients through fertility treatment.

Even though she arrived in her current role with a wealth of knowledge about infertility and its treatment options, she never stops looking for opportunities to learn. As an IVF coordinator, Christie has continued her hands-on education with the top fertility specialists in the area, Bruce Shapiro MD, PhD and Carrie Bedient MD. She also maintains relationships with pharmaceutical reps so she can always have the latest information about IVF medications.

“I’m always learning, and I ask a lot of questions because I want to be able to explain to patients why they need specific treatments and what their bodies are doing,” Christie says. She also pursues professional continuing education opportunities related to infertility treatment and compassionate patient care.

A valued part of the FCLV family

IVF coordinator Christie Dabney has a passion for patient careChristie is one of five team members serving on our Patient Services Committee, working to streamline patient care and minimize stress for the men and women in our care. For her, our fertility center team feels like a family.

“We have each other’s backs, and we’re a good team,” she says. “We’re comfortable with each other here. It’s like a home.”

Away from her job as an IVF coordinator, Christie is a single mom who stays busy sharing her love of music and cooking with her 15-year-old daughter and juggling her six-year-old son’s sports practices and games.

“I’m really appreciative of having my kids and giving them all my attention, because my experiences in the fertility field constantly remind me that I’m so blessed to have them,” she says.

To learn more about IVF in Las Vegas, contact us to schedule a consultation. Christie, together with our entire team of experienced professionals, looks forward to assisting you.

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