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Spanish Language IVF Coordinator Raquel Arana

Meet Our Spanish Language IVF Case Manager, Raquel Arana


Meet Our Spanish Language IVF Case Manager, Raquel Arana

For patients in Spain who are seeking third-party fertility services and IVF in the United States, a Spanish language IVF coordinator can make all the difference. Fluent in both English and español, Raquel Arana is our case manager who can translate and coordinate all IVF-related services for our Spanish-speaking patients, many of whom travel to Las Vegas for the best fertility care available.

A Las Vegas native, Raquel traces her history with our team back to 1998, when she came on board as a certified medical assistant. Though she left for two years to explore a career in the OBGYN field, she returned in 2001 and has been a valued member of our team ever since. She spent six years as our medical assistant supervisor, then in 2016, moved into her current role as IVF case manager.

In two decades as part of the FCLV team, Raquel has gained extensive knowledge of the IVF process through ongoing training and hands-on experience in the operating room assisting Bruce Shapiro MD, PhD and Carrie Bedient MD.

The role of a Spanish language IVF case manager

Meet Our Spanish Language IVF Case Manager, Raquel AranaIn her current role, Raquel is a primary contact for IVF, donor egg and surrogacy services for our Spanish-speaking intended parents, going over every detail of the process in the language they understand. If an egg donor – donante de ovulos – or surrogate – gestación subrogada – is needed, Raquel helps make connections with appropriate agencies and attorneys. She also attends physician visits, both in-person and by Skype, helping to answer all questions and explain medical terms that don’t easily translate.

“I come from a Spanish-speaking family, and I remember helping my father fill out forms when I was a little girl because he couldn’t read or speak English,” Raquel says. “So I understand the struggle that Spanish-speaking people have when they need medical care. When intended parents come to us for IVF in the United States, they are trusting us with a huge part of their life. I want to make sure they feel that I am their voice, their eyes and ears. They will already have me as a connection when they get to the U.S. for treatment so they don’t feel overwhelmed.”

Raquel coordinates Spanish language IVF care for about 30 to 40 patients at any given time, but she makes it a point to respond quickly to their needs.

“If they email me with a question, I answer within 24 hours or sooner,” she says. “With the time differences, I work odd hours, sometimes from home. If it’s an emergency or they just need a little hand-holding, I Skype with intended parents on the weekends or get instant messages through Facebook. I don’t want to leave people wondering when they need an answer, because that just adds to their stress.”

Although she primarily works with intended parents from Spain, where surrogacy is not legal, she also works with Spanish-speaking intended parents from across the United States and the local area, as well as from countries as far-flung as Israel and Germany.

Representing FCLV around the world

Meet Our Spanish Language IVF Case Manager, Raquel AranaRaquel also represents our fertility center during visits to Spain, giving presentations about Spanish language IVF in the United States, as well as how surrogacy and donor services can grow families.

“Visiting Spain has been a wonderful experience for me,” she says. “Some of our current and former patients will even travel across the country to see me and embrace me as part of their own family.”

A mom of three grown children, Raquel always keeps an open door for her large group of extended family and friends. With most of her family in the Las Vegas area, she often cooks for a crowd and hosts game nights full of laughter. She also loves movies in both Spanish and English, and will read hours of subtitles just to get to the dance scenes in her favorite Bollywood films.

To learn more about Spanish language IVF in the United States – also called FIV, or la fertilización in vitro – contact us to schedule a consultation en español. Raquel, together with our entire team of experienced professionals, looks forward to assisting you.

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