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What You Should Know about Improving Male Fertility

When attempting to conceive a child, many couples find trouble with infertility issues. Before you go out and search for a sperm donor, however, you should look into what you can do to improve your own fertility. Luckily, there are such advancements in reproductive medicine that fertility doctors can help in pinpointing the cause of such infertility. Both men and women may find issues with their fertility, but with this blog in particular, we’ll go over some of the threats to male fertility, and how to improve male fertility.

Threats to Male Fertility

If you are concerned about your male fertility and are thinking of visiting an infertility center, you should first read about some of the things that could be damaging your fertility so that you can eliminate them from your life.

male fertility healthTurn Down the Heat

Sitting in high heats like the ones in saunas, steam rooms and hot tubs can raise the body temperature and sometimes lower the quality of sperm and the sperm count. If you still want to enjoy these things, just try to limit the amount of time you spend there.

Be Mindful of Your Medical History

If you have been treated for certain medical conditions in the past, or if certain conditions run in your family, they may negatively affect your fertility. It’s best to speak with your general practitioner to find out if there is any medical threat. The same goes for certain prescriptions and medications that may have threatening side effects.

Men should also be mindful of their age when trying to conceive a baby. Sperm quality and testosterone levels slowly decline as men age, just as women’s fertility decreases with age. Being overweight can also have a negative effect on male fertility. It’s always best to keep a healthy weight when trying to have a baby.

How to Improve Male Fertility

If you are worried about your ability to conceive a child, there are many lifestyle changes you can make today that fertility specialists say may help increase male fertility.

Stress Less and Exercise More

One of the first things you can do is lessen the stress in your life. High levels of stress can negatively affect the production of sperm. To avoid this, try to relax more by incorporating relaxation exercises throughout your week. Regular exercise also helps keep a healthy body weight, so try running or another exercise to keep active.

Put Good Things in Your Body

Smoking and drinking can reduce sperm count and the lifespan of sperm, so it’s best to reduce these vices or eliminate them completely. Some studies have shown that men who smoke cigarettes have lower sex drives, which can be detrimental to the conception process.

Men should try to incorporate well-balanced foods into their diet, making sure they eat proteins, fruits and vegetables. Also, you can help increase male fertility by consuming lots of vitamins, such as Vitamins A, B, C, D, E and B12.

Have Frequent Intercourse

You should have sex regularly when you’re trying to have a baby. If you take long breaks from sex, your sperm mobility may be negatively affected. Having sex more often can also increase your chances of conceiving a baby.

Consult Fertility Specialists for Guidance

If you are concerned about male fertility and your ability to conceive a child, consult our fertility clinic. We offer many resources for starting your family, including fertility treatments for men. Schedule your consultation today.

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