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Summer Foods that Can Increase Fertility

Women who suffer from infertility may experience an influx of emotions when trying to get pregnant. Don’t fret, though. While the process of getting fertility treatments may be daunting, there are some things you can do at home that can help increase your chances of becoming pregnant. Summer is here, and with this season, people begin to fire up the grill and enjoy some hot-weather favorites. Here are some of the best foods that will be both delicious to enjoy in the summertime and can increase fertility in women.

Increasing Your Fertility with Food

Dairy Products

Studies have shown that consuming one to two servings of a whole milk product a day can help prevent ovulatory infertility. This serving could be a nice cold glass of milk, or better yet, a good serving of your favorite type of ice cream. How great to enjoy some ice cream by the pool this Summer and think of how you’re helping your body get ready for pregnancy! This could be one of the easiest— and tastiest— ways to improve your fertility.

Cooking foods that could be used as fertility treatmentsLeafy Greens

What’s better than a nice salad on a hot summer day? Dark leafy greens, like spinach, arugula and romaine contain folate, which is a B vitamin that’s said to improve ovulation, an important part of the conception process. These greens are also good for a man’s fertility as they can help create healthier sperm. So share that refreshing salad!

Whole Wheat

Whole wheat products, like some types of bread, are full of complex carbohydrates. These carbs take longer to digest than others, which helps keep your blood sugar levels stable. In some cases, high blood sugar can disrupt your reproductive hormones and make it harder to become pregnant. So, when you make that nice little sandwich for your summer lunches, use whole wheat bread.


Fresh wild salmon is a great food to eat this summer and help with getting your body ready for a baby. This type of fish is full of omega-3 fatty acids, which can help regulate your reproductive hormones and even increase blood flow to your reproductive organs. So, when you’re throwing some meat on the grill, make sure you throw some fresh salmon on there, too.

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