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New Year’s Resolutions: Take Back Your Fertility Health in 2017

The New Year is here! Along with the coming of 2017 comes the annual creation of our New Year’s resolutions. This year, we encourage you to take back your fertility health. Follow these steps that can help you improve fertility at home.

Increase Fertility in the New Year

learn about fertility health in the new yearLive a healthy life

If you’re looking for tips on how to make yourself more fertile, the best way to start is to consider your lifestyle choices and how healthy you are overall. If you are underweight or overweight, your body may have a hard time conceiving. Contact a doctor to find your ideal BMI to get pregnant.

Incorporating exercise into your daily routine is a great way to help your body get ready for carrying a baby. Consistent workouts can help regulate your blood sugar, blood pressure, and a healthy body weight.

Another way to maintain fertility health is to eat right. Many foods increase fertility. Limit your intake of processed foods, and create a balanced diet full of the right amount of good carbs, healthy fats, and lean proteins. When in doubt, eat fresh fruits and veggies and drink lots of water every day!

Understand your cycle

Each month women have a fertile window, which are the days around ovulation when your body is most ready to conceive. Women with normal cycles are the most fertile between day 10-17 of their cycle. If you have irregular periods, however, you can try an at-home ovulation kit to track your fertile window. The best of our fertility tips, however, is to get educated on your cycle and contact a fertility doctor who can help you.

Know fertility do’s and don’ts

Alcohol and cigarettes are big no-nos when it comes to your overall health. They also make it harder for women to get pregnant. If you’re considering becoming pregnant in the next year, quit smoking and limit your alcohol intake. Your baby—and your long-term health—will thank you.

Another one of our natural ways to boost fertility is to eliminate stress from your life. High levels of stress can negatively affect your hormone levels and in turn, affect your ovulation cycle. Try relaxing activities like taking a soothing bath or practicing meditative yoga to limit the stress in your day.

Consult a Fertility Specialist

If you’re looking to start your family in 2017, the best way to great fertility health is to get help from the experts! At The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, we’ll be there for you throughout the process of diagnosing your infertility, creating a fertility treatment plan, and helping your new baby enter the world in a healthy state. Contact us for a consultation today.

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