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Fertility Customs around the World

The world is diverse and beautiful. We love our international patients here at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas. In this week’s blog, we celebrate world fertility and the unique pregnancy traditions around the globe.

Birth Rituals and Pregnancy Traditions across the Globe

Asian fertility customsworld fertility customs

China: The Chinese believe that the temperament and personality of the baby is affected by the state of the mother’s mind and body during her pregnancy. For this reason, they practice one of our first world pregnancy traditions of avoiding evil spirits, funerals, and sex during their pregnancies. They’re also told to control their thoughts and actions by not gossiping, behaving impulsively, or doing physical labor while carrying their baby.

Cambodia: In Cambodia, a unique world fertility ritual is practiced. After a woman gives birth, her placenta is wrapped in a banana leaf. It sits next to the newborn for three days. After that, it’s buried.

Birthing practices in Africa

Morocco: During delivery, the midwife, (known as the gabla), massages the pregnant woman’s stomach and vulva with olive oil. This practice facilitates the baby’s delivery. The gabla also creates herbal infusions to ease any pain caused by contractions.

Niger: According to Muslim tradition, only the husband is allowed to touch a woman’s genitals. So, he takes the lead in assisting with delivery, while midwives offer the expecting mother herbal drinks to ease her pain.

South American traditions

Guatemala: During their pregnancies, many Guatemalan women stay inside their homes for the full nine months. These women fear being exposed to illness, evil spirits, and the ill will of other people. They believe these things could interfere with a healthy pregnancy.

Mexico: Pregnant women only bathe in warm water during their pregnancies. If the water is too hot, Mexican women believe it could cause circulatory problems, and if the water is too cold, it may cause the pelvis to be rigid and lead to a difficult delivery.

European rituals

Greece: When a new baby is born, it’s a joyous occasion for the whole community. When the baby is a few days old, family and friends will gather for the birth rituals of showering the baby with gifts. These presents include regular items found in a layette, in addition to silver and gold coins and stones to ward off evil spirits.

Switzerland: Expecting parents in Switzerland keep their baby’s name to themselves during the pregnancy. It’s considered bad luck to reveal your baby’s name before he or she is born.

Thinking about Having Your Baby in America?

At The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, world fertility is important to us. We welcome many expecting parents from many nations. America is a great place to visit to start your family. Visit us to learn how easy it is to travel for fertility treatments.

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