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George Michael’s Fertility Treatment Gift

Iconic singer and songwriter, George Michael recently passed away in his home from heart failure. Although this is a sad event to account, we’d like to spend time celebrating the kindness and charity he spread while he was living.

George Michael and Fertility Treatments

george michael in vitro fertilization giftGeorge Michael was a pop star in the 80s, performing with the band, Wham!, and as a solo performer. He won Grammys and inspired many with his talents. In the late 80s, he announced he was gay, and he then began working for LGBT rights and HIV/AIDS awareness.

After George Michael had passed this week, a British TV reporter went to Twitter to tell about the selflessness of Michael and a time he helped a woman in need. On the Deal or No Deal TV show, a woman announced she needed 15,000 Euros for an in vitro fertilization procedure. According to the reporter, George Michael called the woman the next day, agreeing to pay for her fertility treatment procedure in private, amounting to $18,435.

After the reporter’s announcement on Twitter, many other people began discussing George Michael’s kindness and his desire to always help people in need.

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The Fertility Center of Las Vegas Discount Programs

Unfortunately, not everyone has a guardian angel like George Michaels to cover IVF costs. For those patients who need fertility assistance but also need help paying for treatment, The Fertility Center of Las Vegas offers various discount programs.

Many people may qualify for IVF grants for veterans. Others can apply for our in-house discount programs for financial assistance. We believe nothing should get in the way of you starting your family. Contact our office to see what type of discount program can help you with fertility treatments, such as in vitro fertilization.

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