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3 methods of fertility preservation we offer to help patients

Fertility PreservationImportant News Update — During the week of June 22, 2017, the state of Connecticut became the first in the United States to sign a law that requires insurance coverage for fertility preservation for insured individuals diagnosed with cancer or other conditions in which fertility preservation is deemed medically necessary. Our Las Vegas IVF experts are excited about this positive development in the important field of fertility preservation.

We’ve been helping patients with fertility preservation for 30 years

Our Las Vegas IVF experts have a passion for fertility preservation, and we’ve been providing these services for 30 years. Fertility preservation is important for men, women or children who are having cancer treatment or other medical treatment with the potential to harm their fertility.

Three ways we can help with fertility preservation

We want patients to learn more about three cryopreservation methods we employ for fertility preservation. It’s so important to talk with your oncologist as soon as possible about this option.

  1. Egg freezing, or oocyte cryopreservation

    This is a fertility preservation procedure that allows us to freeze unfertilized eggs and store them for years or even decades. The process involves ovarian stimulation in order to produce ovarian follicles that contain eggs, followed by egg retrieval to obtain eggs to cryopreserve.

  2. Sperm freezing, or sperm cryopreservation

    Men or teenagers provide a sperm sample and our Las Vegas IVF experts freeze and send the sperm to a facility that stores the semen samples for future use.

  3. Embryo freezing, or embryo cryopreservation

    Men or women who are in a relationship may choose this option for fertility preservation. This process involves retrieving eggs from the female and fertilizing them with her partner’s sperm. The embryos our experts create are frozen and stored for future use. Women without a partner can seek donor sperm for this process.

Our Las Vegas IVF experts find fertility preservation to be very rewarding for both physicians and patients. It provides hope for a family after cancer. For more information, contact us.

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