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Multiple vs. Single Embryo Transfer

Single embryo transfer for a single healthy baby

Multiple vs. Single Embryo TransferIf you’ve been trying to conceive for a while, getting pregnant with twins might seem like a dream come true. So, if you’re undergoing IVF, you might be surprised when your fertility specialist plans to transfer only one embryo. There is a good reason that we typically recommend single embryo transfer, though: It’s simply safer for you and your baby.

Our goal is for you to have a healthy baby. Our Las Vegas IVF experts have perfected the IVF process, often producing several high-quality embryos. This means we can choose the single best embryo for transfer, with high confidence of success. For most women or anyone pursuing surrogacy, just one good embryo is all that is needed, and any remaining embryos are frozen in case the first transfer fails or a future sibling is desired.

The risks of multiple vs. single embryo transfer

Still, many people ask, why not save time and just go for twins, instead of doing a single embryo transfer? While many twin pregnancies end in the safe delivery of two healthy babies, the risks are simply much higher with two or more fetuses.

  • 57% chance of low birth weight with twins, compared to 9% with a singleton
  • 9% chance of a very low birth weight with twins, compared to 2% chance with a singleton
  • 65% chance of premature birth of twins, compared to 14% chance with a singleton

Low birth weight and prematurity can be very dangerous for a newborn, in some cases resulting in lengthy hospitalization and long-term disabilities. In addition to jaundice and an inability to regulate body temperature, these newborns are at greater risk for respiratory, digestive and heart problems; hearing or vision loss; intellectual disabilities; cerebral palsy; bleeding in the brain; and even death.

Twin pregnancies are hard on the mom’s body, too, and require costly “high-risk pregnancy” care. You’re more likely to have pregnancy complications or need a cesarean section with twins, too.

Trust your doctor

If you’re undergoing IVF and want to learn more about the risks of multiple vs. single embryo transfer, talk to your fertility specialist. Together, you can weigh the risks and benefits, so that you and your physician can choose the approach that’s right for you.

To find out more about multiple vs. single embryo transfer, contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our Las Vegas IVF experts.

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