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Why Can’t I Stay Pregnant?

We have the answers you want and need when you ask, “Why can’t I stay pregnant?”

We have the answers you want and need when you ask, “Why can’t I stay pregnant?”

Most people think of infertility as the inability to get pregnant. However, the team at our Las Vegas fertility clinic knows this is just one type of infertility. Many of our patients are unable to conceive on their own. Others can conceive yet are unable to carry a pregnancy to term, leaving them to ask, “Why can’t I stay pregnant?”

Our team knows how heartbreaking it can be to experience a miscarriage. When it comes to multiple miscarriages, it can be absolutely devastating. That’s why we’re talking about the reasons for miscarriage as well as how we can help you overcome them to have a healthy baby.

Learn about the reasons for miscarriage

Conceiving and carrying a baby to term is a complex process, and a lot needs to go right for it to be a success. Because so many different factors are at play, there are many reasons for miscarriage.

  • Chromosomal abnormalities due to the age of the mother or genetic conditions
  • Improper implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterus
  • Uterine, cervical or hormonal abnormalities
  • Exposure to environmental and workplace toxins, including some medications
  • Insufficient luteal progesterone support in IVF cycles

Certain medical conditions can also be reasons for miscarriage. These conditions include untreated infections, diabetes, severe kidney disease, heart disease, autoimmune disorders and thyroid conditions.

Find help when you’re asking, “Why can’t I stay pregnant?”

To help you have a baby, the team at our Las Vegas fertility clinic will order testing for you and answer the question, “Why can’t I stay pregnant?” Some of these tests include an ultrasound, a hysterosalpingogram (HSG), an endometrial biopsy and minimally invasive diagnostic surgery.

Once your doctor determines why you’ve been having miscarriages, they can develop a customized treatment plan for you. This plan will vary depending on your diagnosis. For example, certain medications can help with a hormonal imbalance, while surgery can treat uterine issues. Your doctor will work with you to select the best treatment plan for your diagnosis and family-building goals.

Because there are so many effective diagnostic and treatment options, there’s no need to keep asking yourself, “Why can’t I stay pregnant?” Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors and get on the path to have a healthy pregnancy and baby.

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