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What Are Professions With Fertility Risks?

Protect your fertility by learning about professions with fertility risks

Protect your fertility by learning about professions with fertility risks

You’ve probably heard that you should think about your health and lifestyle when you want to try to conceive. Maybe you’ve made changes to your diet or given up cigarettes or alcohol. These are all great steps for hopeful parents to take. However, did you know you should also consider your job? It’s true because there are some professions with fertility risks.

Knowledge is power, so you can protect your fertility by learning more about these risky jobs and how to keep yourself safe. Our Las Vegas fertility doctors are here to provide the information you need.

What are some of the professions with fertility risks?

To have a successful pregnancy, a sperm needs to fertilize an egg, and the fertilized egg needs to implant in the uterus. As a result, women need to have a good egg supply, a healthy uterus and normal levels of reproductive hormones. As for men, they also need normal hormone levels as well as healthy sperm.

In professions with fertility risks, men and women are more likely to be exposed to certain toxins and hazards that can interfere with reproductive health.

  • In medical and dental offices, employees can be exposed to radiation, solvents and chemicals that can all negatively affect female fertility.
  • The pesticides used in agricultural work can interfere with reproductive hormones.
  • Working the night shift can also interfere with a woman’s hormone levels. Some research has also shown that the night shift might interfere with ovulation and egg quality.
  • The physical strain and chemical exposure in construction and manufacturing jobs can be harmful to both male and female fertility.
  • Jobs that require a lot of driving can interfere with sperm health due to the sedentary nature of the work.

If you work in one of these professions with fertility risks, there’s no need to panic. Our Las Vegas fertility doctors can recommend steps you can take to protect your fertility at work.

Reach out if you need a little extra help conceiving

Many people need help from our Las Vegas fertility doctors on the path to parenthood. This is true even for men and women who don’t work in high-risk jobs. If you’ve been struggling to conceive, our team can order testing to figure out why. Armed with a diagnosis, they can then create a customized treatment plan that’s just for you. Contact us to schedule an appointment and learn more.

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