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The Truth About Natural Fertility Options

Discover the truth about natural fertility options

Discover the truth about natural fertility options

Our Las Vegas fertility clinic finds that it’s important for patients to understand the truth about natural fertility options. Some patients are curious about these treatments because they have medical or moral objections to taking fertility medications. While this is, of course, understandable, our fertility specialists typically advise against most natural fertility options, as they’re often much less effective than proven treatments that use effective medications.

Learn why natural cycle IUI is a viable option for some patients

For many women, our fertility specialists recommend IUI as one of the first treatments. To prepare for this simple procedure, the woman tracks her ovulation. When she has a surge in LH, or luteinizing hormone, she comes into our fertility center the following day for the IUI. During the procedure, the doctor uses a catheter to transfer sperm from the woman’s male partner, or sperm donor, into her uterus.

Certain factors make IUI a good option for many women.

Cervical issues. If a woman has cervical issues, such as scarring, it could be difficult for sperm to reach the egg without the support of a treatment like IUI.

Male factor fertility issues. IUI can help patients bypass challenges, such as the presence of antisperm antibodies, a low sperm count or low sperm motility.

Unexplained infertility. When fertility testing does not result in an infertility diagnosis, IUI could be a good first step.

Women using donor sperm. Doctors often recommend IUI for women who do not have any fertility issues and are utilizing donor sperm.

If an IUI candidate at our Las Vegas fertility clinic has certain issues with ovulation, the doctor will likely recommend she take an ovulation induction medication such as clomiphene citrate, or Clomid, leading up to the IUI.

A natural cycle IUI, which does not include any fertility medications, could be an option for women with regular menstrual cycles and ovulation, and open fallopian tubes. However, natural cycle IUI isn’t usually as successful as a medicated IUI cycle.

The truth about natural fertility options, such as minimal stimulation IVF

Patients at our Las Vegas fertility clinic sometimes inquire about natural cycle or minimal stimulation IVF. However, few patients use these options, as they are not as effective as a standard IVF cycle.

Natural IVF cycle. More common in the early days of IVF, a natural IVF cycle involves the patient not taking any fertility medications. Before the woman would naturally ovulate, the doctor retrieves the one egg produced in a natural cycle and sends it to the lab for fertilization.

This option has a very low chance of success, as the doctor only retrieves one egg, if any, and there is no guarantee the egg will be healthy or result in an embryo.

Minimal stimulation IVF. Patients wanting to take a limited amount of fertility medications may express interest in minimal stimulation IVF. During this type of cycle, the patient often takes oral ovulation-induction medications, instead of injectable fertility medications. The patient also administers LH-suppressing medications to prevent premature ovulation, and a shot that triggers the eggs to prepare for retrieval.

This option provides a lower chance of success than a standard IVF cycle, as oral ovulation induction medications are typically less effective than the injectable alternatives.

When learning the truth about natural fertility options, it’s important to understand that most doctors do not recommend natural cycle or minimal stimulation IVF, as they want to provide patients with the best possible chance of developing a healthy pregnancy.

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