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Surrogacy for French Intended Parents

New video: A conversation about French gay surrogacy

New video: A conversation about French gay surrogacy

In France, individuals, heterosexual and gay male couples who wish to have a baby through egg donation and surrogacy don’t have a lot of options. Surrogacy, also known as using a gestational carrier or gestation pour autrui (GPA), is prohibited in France, making it difficult for intended parents to have a biological child through IVF. That’s why many men and women travel from France to grow their families through IVF in the United States.

In a new video on French vlogger Emilien’s “Chez Papa Papou” YouTube channel, he and Romain Taillandier, French IVF Case Manager at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, talk about their experiences with IVF and surrogacy an ocean away from home.

What it’s like to travel for Donor/Surrogate IVF

Along with their respective partners, Romain and Emilien both traveled for IVF in the United States, and both now have beautiful baby boys born through IVF with a gestational carrier. For Romain and his husband, the French celebrity Alex Goude, the decision to have a child together led to a permanent residence in Las Vegas, as well as Romain’s job at FCLV helping others interested in having a child using donor eggs and a surrogate in the United States.

For many French and European couples, holding their own babies may feel like an impossible dream. In this video, Romain and Emilien explain the process of IVF that can help any couple or individual make that dream come true.

  • Travel to the United States for initial IVF consultation with a fertility specialist
  • Freeze sperm from one or both partners
  • Select an egg donor (don d’ovules)
  • Select a gestational carrier (mére porteuse) in the United States
  • Through IVF, a donor’s eggs are retrieved and fertilized with the hopeful parents’ sperm
  • One embryo is transferred to the gestational carrier’s uterus, and any remaining are frozen for future use

A friendly voice

For French couples who seek IVF in the United States at our Las Vegas fertility center, Romain acts as a helpful guide, translating, attending all appointments and providing detailed information and assistance for every aspect of the process. Having been through his own surrogacy experience, Romain is delighted to assist other European couples and individual seeking to grow their families through IVF in the United States.

French-speakers who wish to learn about the process can watch the YouTube video or contact us to schedule a remote video consultation with a fertility specialist.

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