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IVF Coordinator for Egg Donors and Gestational Carriers

Arlyn Garcia coordinates IVF for egg donors and gestational carriers

Arlyn Garcia coordinates IVF for egg donors and gestational carriers

For egg donors and gestational carriers who come into our care, Arlyn Garcia, IVF clinical coordinator, quickly becomes a lifeline. She’s there every step of the way for women who want to give the gift of life through gestational surrogacy or IVF with donor eggs in Las Vegas, scheduling and coordinating all of our third party reproductive services.

Arlyn has a special place in her heart for people struggling with infertility, as she has experienced it first-hand. She underwent multiple cycles of IVF to conceive her daughter, suffering a chemical pregnancy and a miscarriage along the way. This experience not only makes her an expert on IVF treatment, but also a compassionate partner for each patient she comes into contact with.

“If someone is discouraged, I can tell them that I know how they feel because I’ve been through it,” Arlyn says. “It’s hard, and I can relate to that in every sense. But in the end, when your baby is born, all that work is worth it. Sometimes, telling my story makes a difference for someone.”

Scheduling for donor eggs and gestational surrogacy

Arlyn handles clinical coordination for our third party IVF patients, including gestational carriers and women donating their eggs to another individual or couple going through IVF in Las Vegas. At every step, she maintains open communication with all parties, including egg donors, agencies, gestational carriers, physicians and labs.

When egg donors or gestational carriers become patients at FCLV, she explains the IVF process and arranges all pre-cycle screening and appointments. Once a patient is cleared to proceed with IVF, Arlyn then schedules each step of the IVF cycle. She stays involved with each case all the way through pregnancy, serving as the main point of contact for both egg donors and gestational carriers to answer questions and provide coordination and support.

A big part of her job is ensuring that FCLV meets strict FDA standards for third party reproduction, including mandatory testing for all egg donors and gestational carriers. Arlyn works with our lab director to ensure that all testing has been completed before a cycle can proceed or an embryo can be transferred, and works directly with FDA auditors to verify our compliance.

Arlyn is also responsible for reporting our IVF outcomes data to the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, tracking each patient during the IVF process and documenting whether pregnancy and live birth were achieved with each cycle. These data are compiled annually and reported online at, giving patients a valuable resource when searching for the best fertility care providers.

A focus on family

A Hawaii native who began her career in the medical field in 1990 at a family practice, Arlyn moved to Las Vegas in 2002 and joined the FCLV family two years later, initially working as an IVF coordinator before moving into her current position coordinating third party IVF.

Outside of work, Arlyn says she’s a “homebody.” Arlyn spends most of her free time with her husband and her daughter, doing arts and crafts, going to movies and planning memorable vacations to make her childhood special.

To learn more about gestational surrogacy or IVF with donor eggs in Las Vegas, contact us to schedule a consultation. Arlyn Garcia, together with our entire team of experienced professionals, looks forward to assisting you.

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