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Naturally Boosting Fertility in Women and Men

Naturally Boosting Fertility in Women and Men

Naturally Boosting Fertility in Women and Men

When trying to conceive, women and men want to do what they can to ensure the odds are in their favor. Our Las Vegas fertility center can recommend some lifestyle considerations for boosting fertility in women and men naturally.

Lifestyle choices matter before pregnancy

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important, but it becomes even more significant when preparing for pregnancy. For women, they are preparing their body for a journey of being able to support and grow their baby, while male fertility can be positively or adversely affected by lifestyle choices. Here are just a few of the recommendations our Las Vegas fertility center makes for naturally boosting fertility in women and men.

  • Food is fuel, not a fad diet. For women trying to conceive, diet is about fueling your body and preparing to support a pregnancy. Food choices for men matter too, as a good diet can result in natural fertility improvement. Nutrition is critical, and a balanced approach including dairy, whole grains, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats trumps a fad diet. Overweight men might have a decreased sperm count, and overweight or underweight females are more likely to experience hormonal disruptions that affect the delicate chemical balance involved in ovulation.
  • What you drink matters. It’s important for men and women to stay adequately hydrated, avoid sugary soda, and consume caffeine in moderation. Your java fix of one or two cups of coffee a day is generally OK. Avoid excessive alcohol, as it can disrupt the menstrual cycle in women and lessen testosterone and lower sperm counts in men, or even lead to impotence.
  • Keep moving, but also slow down. Pre-pregnancy is stressful. Moderate exercise not only helps control weight for both sexes, but it also can help reduce the rate of ovulatory disorders, resulting in natural fertility improvement. Activities such as yoga or meditation can feel ohm-mazing and also can calm the nervous system, which reduces levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) to bring you into better balance. Acupuncture is another option to potentially alleviate mental or emotional stress.
  • Don’t forget your vitamins. Women should take a daily prenatal vitamin at least three months before pregnancy that includes folic acid to support the development of the fetus and placenta. Any additional supplements not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) should be discussed with one of our knowledgeable board certified reproductive endocrinologists first.

We can help with boosting fertility in women and men

Our Las Vegas fertility center can provide ideas about boosting fertility in women and men naturally. We are grounded in research, which shows healthy lifestyle choices and natural fertility improvement choices matter when planning for your future family. Contact us to learn more.

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