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Meet Paris Bailey IVF Clinical Coordinator

Paris Bailey Supports the IVF Process for Egg Donors and Gestational Carriers

Paris Bailey loves being a point person in coordinating IVF at our Las Vegas fertility center, primarily working with third-party reproductive services. This means Paris works directly with those who play an integral role in making the dream of parenthood a reality for others through donating eggs for IVF or as a gestational carrier.

Since IVF is a multi-step process, Paris prioritizes clear communication with patients, from explaining pre-treatment requirements to being a constant source of support while coordinating egg retrieval and embryo transfer cycles. 

Paris’ curiosity about fertility began when she started working in the office of the OB-GYN who delivered her second child. After experiencing compassionate care through her pregnancy, she later landed a job in the same office where she had been a patient. In her five-year tenure, one primary part of Paris’ job was ordering tests for patients. Paris noticed many of those tests were referred to our Las Vegas fertility center, and she became curious if there was more she could do to help individuals and couples who wanted a baby. She joined our team in October 2022 and loves that she can make a positive impact. 

“Those initial diagnostic tests helped me learn more about fertility,” Paris says. “It got me very curious about how I could keep helping patients. And now, I get to contribute my small piece to help people start their families. Being part of giving people little blessings has a big place in my heart.” 

Supporting patients every step of the way

While working diligently behind the scenes, Paris coordinates multiple aspects of IVF and is intricately involved in scheduling every step of the way. This means she is a steady presence with clinical coordination beginning with pre-cycle screening and appointments and later coordinating both egg retrieval and embryo transfer cycles. 

In addition to communicating with egg donors and gestational carriers, Paris is in regular contact with labs to ensure physicians have updated results throughout the IVF process. 

Paris also is an important part of the team that ensures that FCLV complies with stringent FDA guidelines for third-party reproduction, which involves testing for egg donors before IVF begins and gestational carriers before an embryo is transferred. 

Much of Paris’ work benefits prospective parents around the world, as she works closely with intended parents from France, Australia, Canada and Tahiti who need third-party reproduction to grow their families. 

“It’s so rewarding to feel like you can bring the greatest joy to others,” Paris says. 

A love of family and helping others

A native of Hawaii, Paris moved to Las Vegas while pregnant with her second child. Her greatest joy is her own family, which includes two sons, ages 15 and 7. Her oldest son plays club volleyball, which keeps her family busy with travel. But she wouldn’t trade that for anything. 

“I love being a boy mom, and we are an active family,” Paris says, “My family and the experiences we share, that is what life is about. It is just everything to me.”

Part of that love of family has led her to the field of fertility – the chance to make a significant difference for potential parents. Paris views her position at our Las Vegas fertility center as more than just a job, but a way to extend care to others. 

 “I love that I can give back with my job,” Paris says. “I look forward to coming to work because every single day I am reminded about the power of human connection, and that connection is everything.”

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