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Misconceptions About Conception: Debunking Common Pregnancy Myths

Misconceptions About Conception: Debunking Common Pregnancy Myths

Misconceptions About Conception: Debunking Common Pregnancy Myths

When you are trying to conceive, pregnancy misconceptions abound! Our Las Vegas fertility practice works to educate patients about pregnancy myths and puts the facts in the “facts of life.” In fact, busting fertility myths was the focus of a recent episode of Fertility Doc Uncensored, the fertility-focused podcast featuring our own Carrie Bedient, MD.

Basic biology tops stories

Pregnancy myths get passed down through generations and are often based on folklore, not science. Here are some common misconceptions and theories about conceiving.

  • Can you get pregnant in ways not including sex? The answer to this is a resounding NO! It’s almost a teenage rite of passage to hear that sitting on a toilet seat, swimming in a pool, or being in a hot tub can result in pregnancy. But, having old-fashioned sex is the pathway to pregnancy – or when needed, using the many forms of reproductive technology available. Another fallacy is that oral sex will get you pregnant – also a resounding NO – but oral sex can deliver a sexually transmitted infection.
  • Is there a perfect baby-making position during and after sex? If there were a single sexual position to promote pregnancy, we would tell you, but there’s no evidence to support that. And after sex, elevating your hips to “keep sperm in” or provide a clearer pathway to the cervix is also one of the common pregnancy misconceptions – it won’t help.
  • Can chocolate turn me on? One pregnancy myth is that certain foods can increase libido, such as oysters, chocolate and alcohol. Many so-called aphrodisiacs do not have the backing of scientific evidence. And while alcohol can lessen inhibitions, too much alcohol can limit sexual functioning.
  • Are boxers better than briefs? While there is no scientific proof behind underwear choices affecting fertility, the logic behind this theory might be worth considering. The testicles prefer cooler temperatures, and wearing tight briefs can heat up the testes. The same can be said of men who spend time in hot tubs, saunas or do a lot of cycling. Those activities won’t necessarily hurt the process of sperm production, but they might limit the number sperm produced.
  • Can I increase my odds of having a boy or girl? In short, no, unless you are using IVF with preimplantation genetic testing (PGT). Some people believe the time of intercourse can set the stage for gender selection, but it doesn’t, unless you can magically control what sex chromosome the sperm carries (you can’t).

Rely on us for fertility answers

The Fertility Center of Las Vegas is ready to break down pregnancy myths and provide answers rooted in science and based on facts. To learn more, be sure to check out Episode 156 of the Fertility Docs Uncensored podcast, “Busting Some Myths About How to Get Pregnant.” The podcast is available on your favorite podcast platform – with new episodes about different fertility topics every Tuesday – so be sure to subscribe. Contact our Las Vegas fertility practice to learn more.

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