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Meet Leslie Delgado financial coordinator

Leslie Delgado fields financial questions and navigates nuances of insurance

Leslie Delgado understands that patients seeking fertility treatment at our Las Vegas fertility center often have plenty of questions about the inner workings of insurance and other financial questions. As a compassionate and knowledgeable member of our team, Leslie educates patients with financial quotes and works to handle insurance authorization requests for fertility treatments. 

Leslie prioritizes clear and transparent communication with patients so that they understand the financial landscape in a time that can feel uncertain. She works to ensure women and men fully comprehend their insurance coverage before an initial appointment. 

“Patients can come to me at any time to understand the costs of their treatment,” Leslie says. “They can rely on us to keep track of the financial aspects of care, keep things organized and truly help them in a stressful time.”

Advocating for patients every step of the way

One aspect of her job that Leslie prides herself on is stepping up to speak to insurance companies on behalf of our patients. If specialized services or treatments are needed as part of the fertility care delivered by our Las Vegas fertility center, Leslie will contact insurance to explain what processes are needed and why to maximize insurance benefits.  

Leslie is a touchpoint for patients who are wondering if procedures are covered, how much will be covered, as well as what services are excluded. Additionally, she is bilingual and takes great pride in helping our Spanish-speaking patients. 

A fixture at our Las Vegas fertility center since 2020, Leslie has established herself as an important part of our billing team. She strives to help patients achieve affordable fertility treatment and give them peace of mind. 

“I know it can be overwhelming,” Leslie says. “I just want to contribute and let our patients know I am here for them.”

A love of family, friends and helping others

A native of Orange County, California, Leslie considers herself “almost a local” having lived in Las Vegas for 15 years. When she’s not working, Leslie enjoys reading and crafting and spending time with her husband Carols, and her sisters Melissa and Yasmeen. 

It’s that love of family and the opportunity to help others that she brings to work every day at our Las Vegas fertility center. 

“I love my job because I believe everyone should be able to have a family,” Leslie says. “It’s fascinating to me how we can help build families for so many people. I count myself fortunate that I get to see dreams of parenthood become a reality.”

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