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Meet Jennifer Bavaro Financial Director

Counting on Financial Director Jennifer Bavaro

Jennifer (Jenn) Bavaro’s career at our fertility center in Las Vegas started 25 years ago thanks to a classified ad that described a “busy medical office” because fertility was not commonly spoken about.  

“I didn’t even know until my interview it was a fertility clinic, because at that time, it was taboo to talk about, but fortunately, we’ve come such a long way,” Jenn says, saying she spent three hours interviewing with management and FCLV founder Bruce Shapiro, MD, PhD, the only doctor on staff at the time. “When I interviewed, there was a new patient in the waiting room, and I was talking with her. She made an impact on me. As a 20-year-old, I realized that these are people I would really like to help.” 

As a young girl growing up in California, Jenn knew she wanted to be a mother and considered careers directly helping children, specifically teaching. But when she started working at the front desk at FCLV, she realized her organizational skills could help give others the gift of parenthood.

She became a Jill-of-all-trades: checking patients in, managing medical records and arranging quotes for treatment. After a two-year stint at the desk, she moved into a financial services role working directly with billing, managing patient accounts, providing quotes for patients and navigating insurance claims and verifications.  

“My Excel spreadsheets are my happy place,” Jenn says with a laugh. “They make me feel very calm and organized.”

Growing internationally with FCLV  

As FCLV grew and moved into a larger space and started to serve more patients, Jenn’s responsibilities continued to also grow. She assumed the role of financial director about 17 years ago. Some of her responsibilities are unchanged, but in addition, she manages a department of eight, conducts training and intervenes in more complicated financial issues, many of which involve the nuances of insurance. 

Jenn also works directly with FCLV’s international patients. She is their direct communication link for all billing-related inquiries. That work has taken her across the globe, including London, Prague, Wales, Ireland and Poland to attend conferences and meet with individual patients. 

“I love working with our international patients, to me I feel it’s so important to help all people have families,” Jenn says. 

With her long-term commitment to FCLV, Jenn has been able to see milestones in the lives of patients and their babies. A mom and her 23-year-old daughter came to celebrate the young woman’s recent college graduation with the staff at FCLV whose help made it all possible. 

“The best part of my job is how rewarding it is to see how we make a difference for our patient’s families,” Jenn said. “Our patient’s joys are our joys.”

A workplace that doesn’t feel like work

The main reason for Jenn’s longevity at our fertility center in Las Vegas is simply this: She loves her job.

“I feel strongly everyone deserves a family,” Jenn says, pointing to the inclusivity of FCLV in treating LGBTQ and international patients. “I know how much I wanted children, and if I am able to help make that possible for other people, it’s what I care most about.”

Jenn’s “two favorite humans” are her two daughters, ages 27 and 21. 

When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her daughters and 1 and a half year old granddaughter, reading books (especially crime fiction), gardening and cooking. 

Jenn also loves putting her organizational skills to work in the form of scrapbooking. She attends a couple of scrapbooking retreats with a group of her friends and finds it a great way to preserve her life memories. 

“It’s a perfect way to capture little moments,” Jenn says. “It’s those moments that are so important in life.”

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