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Laurie Whitlock, IVF Clinical Coordinator

Meet our skilled IVF clinical coordinator Laurie Whitlock

Laurie Whitlock, the IVF clinical coordinator at our Las Vegas fertility center, has been on our team since 2004. In this important role, Laurie helps to ensure that hopeful parents fully understand the details of their treatment and care, helping to make the journey to take home a healthy baby as smooth as possible. Laurie began her career in the fertility industry in Austin, Texas, before making her way to Las Vegas.

Helping others achieve their dream of parenthood

Laurie is grateful to have the opportunity to support women and men who would like to become parents, and is honored to work with such a diverse group of fertility specialists and hopeful parents. While she enjoys all aspects of patient care, she especially appreciates working with gestational surrogates at our Las Vegas fertility center, supporting them from the initial medical clearance, all the way to the confirmation of a healthy pregnancy.

Laurie Evans is committed to family

Beyond working at our Las Vegas fertility center, Laurie spends her free time watching her son play sports like football and basketball, and spending quality time with family and friends. The joy that Laurie experiences as a mother enhances her commitment to the hopeful parents she serves.

Laurie feels privileged to work at a fertility center that she feels goes above and beyond for hopeful parents, and she continually provides the team with new, valuable learning opportunities.

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