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Fertility Patient Story – Arlyn Garcia

FCLV employee and fertility patient shares what’s special about our clinic

FCLV employee and fertility patient shares what’s special about our clinic

Arlyn Garcia, one of the valued employees at our Las Vegas fertility center, understands all sides of the fertility journey, as she was also our fertility patient. Conceiving her daughter with the support of our clinic allowed Arlyn to gain a well-rounded perspective of our staff and services, which she was kind enough to share with us.

Comprehensive and compassionate care for each fertility patient

Arlyn is passionate about the comprehensive care we provide to each fertility patient at our Las Vegas fertility center. This includes the nurses who walk hopeful parents through the first steps, the medical assistants who support them during the diagnostic process and the fertility specialists whose extensive knowledge and experience facilitates high-quality care and support.

Proud of the leading-edge services we provide, Arlyn mentioned how beneficial it is for our Las Vegas fertility center to stay up to date on the latest research. This diligence allows our staff to provide optimal guidance to hopeful parents who are moving through a challenging experience.

Arlyn noted that, “From the moment you sit down for a consult, we’re incredibly involved, supporting you through testing, treatment, pregnancy and beyond.” We offer such personalized and compassionate care that Arlyn mentioned how patients often stay in touch with us after their baby is born, allowing us the pleasure of seeing these wonderful children grow up.

We can be your support system

This is a great place to work. We all care about each other and are always there for one another – in the office and out,” Arlyn shared. She was especially grateful for this camaraderie when she was faced with her own fertility challenges, and had to be both an employee and a fertility patient.

Recalling the excellent care our staff provides, Arlyn said, “We are a support system for people who don’t have that. We are your shoulder to cry on and the people you can vent to. We’ll always do what we can to help.”

Our Las Vegas fertility center is proud to have such dedicated and caring staff who are not only willing to offer warmth and kindness to one another, but to every hopeful parent who walks through our doors.

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