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Flu and COVID – What You Need to Know This Year

Flu and COVID will bring a double-punch this year, but you can fight back

Flu and COVID will bring a double-punch this year, but you can fight back

Illnesses just don’t fight fair. We can see how true this is as we prepare for flu season while we’re still in the middle of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The Fertility Center of Las Vegas (FCLV) team wants to help you and your family stay safe this year, which is especially important if you’re pregnant or planning to conceive. Our Las Vegas fertility doctors explain some of the best ways to fight back against these illnesses.

How can you protect yourself and your family from the flu and COVID?

While a vaccine for COVID is still in the works, you can easily get a flu shot. Getting an annual flu shot is the absolute best way to protect yourself and your family from the flu. This is especially true if you’re pregnant (or plan to be pregnant) during flu season, because the flu is more likely to cause severe complications in expectant mothers. Simply by getting the shot, you can keep you and your baby safe from the flu.

Worried about getting a flu shot while you’re pregnant? Don’t be! Scientific studies and the millions of pregnant women who have received the flu vaccine support the claim that the vaccine is safe for expectant moms and their babies.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends getting your flu shot in September or October. This timing can help prevent your flu shot from wearing off before flu season is actually over.

As for protecting yourself from COVID during flu season, our Las Vegas fertility doctors recommend following the familiar health and safety measures of hand-washing, avoiding sick people, wearing a mask and practicing social distancing. These actions can provide protection against both the flu and COVID.

What are the consequences of COVID and pregnancy?

We know that the flu is more likely to cause severe illness and hospitalizations in pregnant women. It can also harm the developing baby, as having a fever as part of the flu can result in issues like neural tube defects. However, what happens when COVID and pregnancy mix?

Researchers are still learning about the effects of COVID on pregnancy. However, one Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) study from the CDC suggests that pregnant women with COVID are more likely to be hospitalized, enter the ICU and need mechanical ventilation. This is compared to women who aren’t pregnant. While the medical community continues to explore this topic, our Las Vegas fertility doctors believe that pregnant women and their families should exercise caution when it comes to the virus.

If you have questions about the flu and COVID and how they affect pregnant women and women who want to conceive, contact us to schedule an appointment. We can answer your questions and help you stay safe.

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