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Fertility Tips for Him

We all know that it takes two to tango. While women will carry and deliver the baby, men have an equally important role in conception. If the man cannot produce good quality sperm then conception can become quite difficult. The main reasons of male infertility may be low sperm count, slow sperm motility (movement), abnormal sperm morphology (size and shape) and poor sperm quality. Here are some healthy male tips to help improve your chances of conception.

Lose the Extra Pounds

Men who are overweight are more likely to have difficulty with fertility. Being overweight can lead to hormonal imbalances in the body that in turn may impact sperm count. Obesity may also affect genetic material in the sperm cells leading to poor quality sperm. Being underweight has also been linked to having a low sperm count. Maintaining a healthy weight with a balanced diet will allow for the best results in producing the proper number of viable sperm.

Moderate Exercise

Exercising regularly can be beneficial in maintaining improved sperm count in addition to helping maintain regular hormone levels, metabolism and weight. Regular exercise reduces stress and can improve overall health in men as well as women. Cardiovascular exercise such as running improves overall health of the heart and blood vessels. If cycling is your outlet, there are “fertility friendly” bicycle seats that will not constrict and overheat genitals.While regular exercise is beneficial, overexertion and excessive training may have adverse effects on male fertility. This may lead to a lowered production of testosterone and decrease sperm count. Taking performance enhancing drugs, especially testosterone, may also inhibit fertility through significantly decreased sperm count and testicular shrinkage.


Women are not the only ones with a biological clock. As men get older, sperm production, motility and quality may decrease. If you are planning on delaying fatherhood, it is reasonable to have a semen analysis performed to examine sperm count, movement and shape. An association between age of the male partner and a variety of medical conditions in the child also exist. You can also have your sperm frozen for future use to ensure the healthiest product when you are ready for parenthood.

Put out the Cigarettes and Cap the Bottles

Smoking, by both men and women, makes it harder to conceive a baby, worsens the results of semen analysis and increases the likelihood of miscarriage. Marijuana use also negatively impacts sperm health. Heavy drinking can also be a factor in reduced sperm quality and increased rate of miscarriage. Men should limit the amount of alcohol to a minimum when trying to conceive.

Boxers Vs Briefs

The highly debated battle of the boxers or briefs has been an ongoing topic for some time now. While it is not certain that switching to boxers will increase the chances of a couple getting pregnant, the main point is to reduce the temperature in that area. Prolonged exposure to heat can lead to a reduced sperm count. Try to avoid long periods in the hot tub or sauna room. Sperm count can return to normal in a few months if men avoid high-intensity heat in that area.

Visit a Fertility Clinic

If you have been trying to have a child without success, examination by a fertility specialist at a fertility clinic may help. The Fertility Center of Las Vegas offers a variety of treatments for couples having difficulty conceiving. The Fertility Center of Las Vegas is southern Nevada’s first fertility clinic.

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