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Choosing the Right Fertility Clinic for You

Written by The Fertility Center on . Posted in Blog

Many factors contribute to difficulties getting pregnant. Many experts suggest that if you have been trying for up to a year with no success, seek out the help of a fertility specialist. Before walking into any fertility clinic, do your research. It is essential that you pick the right fertility clinic and fertility specialist to best fit your needs and provide you with the highest level of success.

Know your options when choosing a fertility clinic and the quality of service they can provide. This process can involve a number of diagnostic tests and procedures that can take any individual through an emotional rollercoaster. Often times, medications including hormones are used throughout the process. It is crucial to understand your limits and establish how far in the process you are willing to go to achieve the outcomes you desire. Knowing this will help you stay grounded and focused and will keep you from being talked into new procedures that are not right for you.

Do not be afraid to do research and call the fertility clinic before going in to ask questions. One thing to ask is how long they have been in business and their turnover rate. A high turnover rate can mean poor management that can contribute to mistakes. Ask how long doctors and specialists have been in practice at that clinic and conduct research on their experience, board certification and any notable attributes. Ask the clinic what procedures they offer and how often they perform them.

Each clinic is required to submit their success rates to a federal database monitored by the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Look up the statistics of the success rates of each potential fertility clinic option. Before you go with the fertility clinic that has the highest success rate, note if the database has been updated every couple years, ensuring their information represents the current status of the fertility clinic.

Know your budget and what you are willing to spend. Ask each clinic the cost associated to each procedure to help you gain an understanding of what you will be needing. Be cautious of fertility clinics that offer “money back guarantees” if unsuccessful because the doctors may be financially motivated to utilize more aggressive forms of treatments to ensure success.

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