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Fertility Docs Uncensored Talk Diminished Ovarian Reserve

Fertility Docs Uncensored talk diminished ovarian reserve

Fertility Docs Uncensored talk diminished ovarian reserve

When trying to get pregnant, it’s important to separate facts from fiction, and our own Las Vegas fertility center’s Dr. Carrie Bedient is part of a trio of experts doing just that with Fertility Docs Uncensored. This podcast unpacks listener questions, the docs speak their minds about all things fertility, and nothing is off limits. A recent episode focuses on egg count, also known as your ovarian reserve. Patients with diminished ovarian reserve have a low egg count and/or low egg quality, both of which can make it harder to conceive.

Conceiving what is possible with diminished ovarian reserve

A diminished ovarian reserve diagnosis might sound daunting, but our Las Vegas fertility specialists can provide help understanding some basics. Getting the facts can empower you to better understand that low ovarian reserve doesn’t mean you cannot get pregnant.

The Fertility Docs Uncensored podcast is like listening to a fun group of friends who happen to be reproductive endocrinologists. Here are some examples of questions they answer in an approachable way, with humor and honesty.

  • What role does age play in ovarian reserve? Numbers matter. Age is a significant factor in any woman’s fertility and certainly comes into play with low ovarian reserve. It’s important to look beyond the number of eggs (though that is important) and consider the quality of eggs, too.
  • What is the test to know that I can or can’t get pregnant with diminished ovarian reserve? Like all things fertility, the only predictable thing is that it’s unpredictable. There is no perfect predictive test for future egg supply, but a blood test and ultrasound can provide valuable clues about your available eggs. However, this test won’t reveal how long you will remain fertile or the likelihood of getting pregnant.
  • What is the single “best” answer to get pregnant if my egg count is low? Our Las Vegas fertility center treats each patient individually, considering diagnostics and long-term family-building plans. So the answer is, it depends! While old-fashioned sex works for some couples, others proactively preserve their fertility by freezing eggs. Some go the route of intrauterine insemination, and for others (especially older women), IVF is their choice. There is no one-size-fits-all way to start a family.

Frank talk by Fertility Docs Uncensored

It’s easy to feel like you’re swimming in a sea of abbreviations and medical jargon when talking about fertility. Fertility Docs Uncensored provides real-deal conversation about important issues we regularly see in our Las Vegas fertility center, including how to help women with diminished ovarian reserve and other fertility issues. Land here to listen: When you are ready to take the next step, contact The Fertility Center of Las Vegas to schedule a consultation with one of our reproductive specialists.

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