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Raising the bar on IVF knowledge

Raising the Bar of IVF Knowledge

While we pride ourselves in our Las Vegas fertility center as sources of care and compassion toward patients, those feelings also drive us as leaders in educating a wider audience about in vitro fertilization (IVF) and reproductive health.

For over 35 years, our commitment has been to serve as a source of hope for those wanting to start or grow their families. That commitment is steadfast as we continually place an emphasis on informing a vast array of people about IVF, which includes first and foremost, our patients, but also includes those empowered to affect decisions about IVF and the public at large on how we rely on advanced fertility treatments. 

Easing the concerns of our IVF patients

We want to allay the concerns of our patients as we have heard firsthand their questions and concerns about freezing their embryos considering the recent Alabama Supreme Court decision, which was an unprecedented ruling that frozen embryos can be defined as “children.” This resulted in some fertility clinics in Alabama halting IVF services. We want to emphasize we do not foresee legal challenges like these to emerge in Nevada. We regularly update our social media accounts to ensure that patients have up-to-date information and can we hope, give them peace of mind. 

Our Las Vegas fertility center recognizes the importance of being a leader, advocate and source of information about IVF and reproductive health. We are proud that Nevada is an IVF-friendly and surrogacy-supportive state protecting the hopes and dreams of all couples and individuals (single, married, straight or LGBTQIA+) to start or grow their families. 

A trusted source of information for all

We see it as our responsibility to give voice to the many women, men and couples who face struggles with infertility. We are proud to inform others to make sure our patients’ options are safeguarded. Part of this responsibility is providing bipartisan education, and we are happy to share our knowledge with those empowered to make decisions at the local, state and national level, such as at a recent local event featuring First Lady, Jill Biden and other elected officials. 

The Fertility Center of Las Vegas warmly welcomes patients from across the country and the globe as Nevada is seen as one of the most IVF-friendly states in the nation. We do not take this ability for granted as our patients can count on us to educate others and provide support to preserve their future family-building possibilities. Contact us to learn more about how we care for our patients and serve as a trusted source of information. 

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