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FCLV at ASRM 2021

Our Las Vegas fertility specialists plan to attend ASRM 2021

Every year, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) puts on a conference that provides an opportunity for experts in reproductive medicine to network and see the latest fertility research. Our Las Vegas fertility specialists are especially excited about ASRM 2021 in Baltimore, Maryland. This is because it will be in person, as last year’s event was virtual due to the pandemic.

Read on to learn more about this exciting event and how the team from The Fertility Center of Las Vegas will be participating.

Who is going to ASRM 2021 from FCLV?

Our Las Vegas fertility specialists believe that it’s important to stay on top of the latest fertility research and developments in the field. As a result, all of our physicians will be attending ASRM 2021. Bruce Shapiro MD, Carrie Bedient MD and Leah Kaye MD all look forward to seeing their colleagues in person and bringing the latest fertility information back to our patients.

According to Dr. Shapiro, “ASRM is the biggest event of the year for reproductive endocrinologists. It allows physicians to network with one another and share the latest fertility research and best practices to improve patient care for all.”

Is FCLV presenting any fertility research?

Our physicians aren’t the only members of the FCLV team who will be attending this event. Forest Garner, our research director, will also be going to this annual conference. One big reason why he’ll be attending is because The Fertility Center of Las Vegas will be presenting our own fertility research. We performed this research with the University of Nevada and three medical residents who are pursuing careers in reproductive medicine.

After submitting five research abstracts to ASRM 2021, our team learned that all were accepted. Three were accepted as posters and two were accepted as oral presentations.

  • Factors Affecting Embryo Developmental Pace Factor (Oral Presentation) – Leah Kaye, Melody Rasouli, Ankita Raman, Forest Garner, Carrie Bedient, Bruce Shapiro
  • The Pre-Implantation Human Embryo “Remembers” The Size Of The Ovarian Follicle That It Came From (Oral Presentation) – Carrie Bedient, Kajal Verma, Ankita Raman, Leah Kaye, Martha Aguirre, Forest Garner, Bruce Shapiro
  • Serum hCG Level Measured 5 Days After Vitrified-Warmed Blastocyst Transfer Is Predictive Of Outcome Regardless Of The Use of Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing (Poster) – BS Shapiro, K Verma, A Raman, LA Kaye, FC Garner, CE Bedient
  • Factors Affecting Embryo Aneuploidy (Poster) – Bruce Shapiro, Melody Rasouli, Ankita Raman, Leah Kaye, Forest Garner, Carrie Bedient
  • Pre-Vitrification Blastocyst Morphometry Is A Weak Predictor Of Post-Thaw Morphometry And Implantation Potential (Poster) – Carrie Bedient, Kajal Verma, Ankita Raman, Leah Kaye, Martha Aguirre, Mark Adamowicz, Forest Garner, Bruce Shapiro

We are very proud of our Las Vegas fertility specialists for getting 100% of their submitted fertility research accepted to ASRM 2021.

If you would like to learn more about how our team is improving fertility care for hopeful parents, or if you’d like to schedule an appointment, please contact us today.

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