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Dr. Leah Kaye Attended Advocacy Day 2021

Dr. Leah Kaye represented FCLV and our patients at RESOLVE Advocacy Day 2021

Dr. Leah Kaye represented FCLV and our patients at RESOLVE Advocacy Day 2021

In the last year and a half, more events than ever before have taken place online, and RESOLVE Advocacy Day 2021 is no different. Advocates of infertility awareness took this powerful event online to help more people raise their voices to support those who are facing fertility struggles. Our own Dr. Leah Kaye was one of the people making her voice heard during this annual event.

Read on to learn more about this event and what our Las Vegas fertility doctor had to say about the power of raising infertility awareness.

First, what happened at RESOLVE Advocacy Day 2021?

The goal of RESOLVE Advocacy Day 2021 was to help “RESOLVE leaders and others from the infertility community” come together to talk to Congress about issues that matter to those facing roadblocks when trying to start or grow their family.

Six knowledgeable and passionate members of the infertility community joined Dr. Kaye this year as part of the Nevada delegation.

  • Amanda Klein (Dr. Bedient patient, former Mrs. Nevada and fertility patient)
  • Andrea Glick (mental health professional for Roots Psychotherapy LLC in Reno)
  • Ashley Mareko (SurrogateFirst director, former surrogate and fertility patient)
  • Dawn Baker (US Surrogacy founder and fertility patient)
  • Shoshana Kunin-Leavitt (family-building attorney in Las Vegas)

Together, our Las Vegas fertility doctors and these experts discussed issues like improving access to fertility care and financial relief for fertility patients.

Why does Dr. Kaye believe it’s important to participate in this event?

Our Las Vegas fertility doctor works hard every day to make parenthood possible for our patients. She also participates in events like RESOLVE Advocacy Day 2021 to expand her reach and help even more hopeful parents.

“Advocacy Day 2021 was a great chance to step back and see the bigger picture. It allowed us to reflect on all the patients and families whose voices need to be heard on Capitol Hill,” Dr. Kaye explains. “After a year of being hidden away from the world and working really, really hard on the ground, it felt so nice to see the progress we have made, to share our success stories and to reflect on how much further the fertility community can go when we join together.”

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