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New Procedure Gives Hope to Maintaining Fertility After Cancer Treatments

Men and women who undergo cancer treatments, or who have undergone cancer treatments for most of their lives, face the reality that infertility may occur. Chemotherapy and (depending on the location and proximity to the reproductive organs) radiation therapy can have negative effects on a person’s fertility. There are some ways to help prevent the risks of infertility like lead blankets during radiation and egg and sperm freezing procedures done before treatments begin. In the end, procedures like in vitro fertilization can result in success.

Finding Assistance through Egg Freezing and In vitro fertilization

doctor in lab performs in vitro fertilizationOne woman, Moaza Alnatrooshi, underwent a unique procedure at the age of eight that may allow her to become pregnant with the help of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). At this young age, Alnatrooshi was in need of treatment for beta thalassaemia, but her mother was concerned about this treatment’s effects on her daughter’s ability to conceive. So, before the treatments started, Moaza had one of her ovaries removed and frozen with the hopes of preserving her ability to conceive a child.

At age 23, Moaza and her husband decided to take the chance with in vitro fertilization and use her own frozen embryo from age 8. Doctors report that because of her young age, they expect success with this procedure. And after transplantation, Moaza’s hormone levels went back to normal. With the IVF treatment, she and her husband expect a successful pregnancy.

This is just one of the many amazing opportunities that individuals and couples all over the world have with the help of assisted reproductive technologies. The staff at The Fertility Center in Las Vegas are trained and experienced in fertility treatments and in vitro fertilization. We are here to help you. Visit our website for more information about these procedures that can help you begin your family.

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