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The Rewarding Journey of Surrogacy

Many people around the world face infertility issues. While some individuals and couples can become parents after participating in fertility treatments, others do not always find success, sometimes due to factors related to the uterus. At The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, one of the most important and rewarding procedures we assist with is the usage of a gestational carrier, through the process of surrogacy, which can help the individual or couple who have not found success from other treatments.

How the Process Works

A surrogate is a woman who carries a pregnancy and delivers a baby for an individual or couple who is unable to conceive a baby on their own. Usually, the individual or couple provides the egg and/or sperm that make the embryo to be implanted into the surrogate’s uterus. In other instances, the egg and/or sperm can be donated. Because the process does not use the surrogate’s eggs, no genetic material is contributed by the woman carrying the pregnancy.

Surrogacy is a process that can help anyone who wishes to be a parent. It has helped single males and females, in addition to gay, lesbian and heterosexual couples. These people can look to either close friends, family, compensated or uncompensated volunteers to help in the surrogacy process.

The Emotional Journeysurrogacy helps start a family

Infertility and the process of completing a successful surrogacy is an emotional journey, to say the least. Kim Overton , a personal fitness trainer from Texas, was diagnosed with uterine fibroids at age 34. After surgery to remove the tumors in her uterus, Kim was able to get pregnant and give birth to her first son. Years later, however, she had trouble when she wanted to have a second child biologically.

Her age (39) and her recurring fibroids contributed to her inability to get pregnant a second time. This is when she looked to her cousin’s daughter to be her surrogate. There were many ups and downs with this process; however, soon the implantation was successful and Kim’s surrogate was able to give birth to Kim’s second son.

The Results and Impact of Surrogacy

Surrogacy is an emotional journey for both the surrogate and the expecting parent(s). The individuals involved in the journey make a close connection to one another, and while the baby is not in the expecting parent’s stomach, they are still present for every step of the way. The surrogate plays a selfless role in helping start a family for people who otherwise would not be able to. The surrogate gives the precious gift of life, which is invaluable to a person or couple who has tirelessly tried many fertility treatments with little to no success.

At The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, we provide many resources both on how to become a gestational carrier, and how to find a surrogate to help in your journey of becoming a parent. For more information, visit the Gestational Carrier page on our website or call us at (702) 254- 1777.

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