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Fertility Treatments Centers Across US Share Resources and Research

The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, the first fertility clinic to serve Southern Nevada, has performed successful fertility treatments since 1988. We pride ourselves in participating in innovative research in reproductive medicine, and we are now proud to announce that we have even more resources to help us serve our patients in our partnership with Ovation Fertility.

More Resources for Fertility Treatments

doctor studies for fertility treatmentsOvation Fertility is a partnership between many leading names in reproductive medicine across the United States, with the goal of sharing resources for fertility treatments and research. This group includes top fertility clinics in Tennessee, Texas, and California. We all specialize in research on embryology, andrology, and genetic testing.

What makes this partnership so special is the extra resources to which we now have access. This partnership features three other leading fertility centers in America, with a network of over fifty doctors who specialize in helping infertile couples start a family and become parents.

Dr. Bruce Shapiro, the founder, medical director, and IVF lab director of The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, states, “As part of Ovation Fertility, we now have greater accessibility to resources, technologies, and colleagues who share our passion for resolving infertility for men and women who wish to become parents.” This means that our patients here in Las Vegas have access not only to the expertise of our doctors in- house, but they also have the comfort in knowing that there is the backing of some of the most successful doctors in reproductive medicine from across the United States. With Ovation Fertility, we are also working for our patients with the goal of reducing the medical costs of birth through in vitro fertilization.

This program that connects fertility treatments centers across the nation is not only a good thing for our research, but it’s also good for our patients. “We want to work together to improve the fertility treatment process for our families, and learn even more about what we as specialists can do to improve reproductive medicine and continue to treat people with infertility,” says Dr. Bruce Shapiro, practice director at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas.

For more information about Ovation Fertility, visit the website, or to start working on your fertility treatments today, call us at (702) 254- 1777.

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